In Greek the seasons readjust because Hades bring away a beautiful girl down to the Underworld, her mother weeps and while in deep sorrow it i do not care winter.

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What go the Romans think for the readjust of seasons?



The Romans thought the same thing, actually.

In the roman inn version, Ceres is the goddess of agriculture and mommy to Proserpina, an obvious copy the the Greek Persephone. Choose her Greek version, Proserpina to be abducted by Pluto, and also Ceres brought about the planet to stop cultivation food till her daughter was changed at the behest that Jupiter, yet not before eating seed from the underworld.

Most significant were the annual rites to Ceres, which were performed at every crossroads in the city by roman matronae, commemorating the kidnap that Proserpina, and Ceres" search for she daughter which caused the story explaining the an altering seasons.

- Lennon, Jack J. Pollution and Religion in ancient Rome. Cambridge university Press, 2013.

Rome imported Persephone"s story native the Greek nests in southern Italy roughly 205 BC.

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