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For her this luck is penned, who luminous eyes,Brightly expressive together the pair of Leda,Shall uncover her very own sweet name, the nestling liesUpon the page, enwrapped native every reader.Search directly the lines!- they hold a treasureDivine- a talisman- an amuletThat must be worn at heart. Find well the measure-The words- the syllables! do not forgetThe trivialest point, or friend may lose your laborAnd however there is in this no Gordian knotWhich one can not undo there is no a sabre,If one can merely comprehend the plot.Enwritten upon the sheet where currently are peeringEyes scintillating soul, over there lie perdusThree eloquent indigenous oft uttered in the hearingOf poets, by poets- as the name is a poet"s, too,Its letters, although normally lyingLike the article Pinto- mendez Ferdinando-Still type a synonym because that Truth- stop trying!You will certainly not read the riddle, though you execute the finest you have the right to do.


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