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Answer: Genetics: 30. (E) pollination: transport of pollen, male gamete, in tree to the stigma which contains the female gamete. 31. (G) trait: A hereditary characteristic the the individual. 32. (A) transport : condition of being heterozygous for a reces…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: A fragment in the cell nucleus of an atom: it has actually a positive electric charge and is 2,000 time the 27 massive of the electron. A tiny fragment with a an adverse electrical charge: it circles the nucleus and has 1-2,000 times the fixed of the electron. The neutral or no charge bit of one atom, it is located in the nucleus: has actually the exact same mass together the proton. Genetics A carrier B. DNA C. Gene D. Hypothesis E. Pollination F. Probability G. Characteristics The deliver of pollen, male gamete, in plants to the stigma which contains the female gamete. A hereditary characteristic that the individual. Problem of gift heterozygous for a recessive trait. A section of DNA which password a specific hereditary trait. The chance that a given event will happen usually expressed in between the number 0 (will no occur) and 1 (the event will occur). A propose explanation for an monitoring which has not to be experimentally tested. A giant molecule consisting of the sugar deoxyribose, phosphates and also nitrogen bases: contain the coded hereditary information. Human being Anotony and physiology A. Absorb B. Alveoli C. Antibody D. Arteries E. Atrium F. Bronchi G. Capillary H. Chromosome I. Electrocardiogram J. Filtration K inhalation L. Insulin M. Larynx N. Management O. Plasma P. Vein frameworks which contain the genes for the traits. A ship which bring blood back to the heart. Taking in nutrients v the small intestine. A graph detecting the electrical transforms in the heart together it beats. The act of breath air into the lungs. The 'voice box", which consists of the vocal cords in the neck. The liquid part of the blood. The amount of all body chemistry. The process of the kidneys acquisition out the impurities from the blood. A hormone secreted by the pancreas which lowers the level of blood sugar, Tiny sacs within the lung which increase the respiratory tract surface. Tiny vessels with which diffusion take away place in between the blood and the human body tissues. The tubes into which the trachea division to get in each lung. A protein produced by the human body to combat foreign particles. Among the 2 thin-walled chambers that receive blood right into the love from the veins. Heavy walled ship which bring blood away from the heart. Plants and also Food manufacturing A. Carbohydrate B. Carbon dioxide C. Epidermis D. Oxygen The outermost layer of tree cells or tissues, providing a covering for the tree body. One atmospheric gas: a through product the the light reaction that photosynthesis, important to aerobic respiration. A food consisted of of carbon, hydrogen, and also oxygen, offering a resource of storage and also energy because that life. One atmospheric gas consisted of of one carbon atom for each 2 oxygen atoms: necessary for food make by eco-friendly plants and given off together a garbage product of respiration in living cells.