Employee tardiness can affect business productivity and also cost money. Find out valid factors for being late to work, and also how workers should communicate lateness with their managers.

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While most workers are occasionally late, chronic tardiness is a productivity killer for your company. The only legally defended lateness forgiveness involve family members illness, death and also other too much emergencies.When you're running late for work, educate your employer with the proper channels, and be sure to acquire straight to job-related when girlfriend arrive.This post is because that employees and also managers who desire to understand exactly how tardiness affect a business, and also learn what come do as soon as unexpected events hold-up jobholders.

Of the 115 million people who are employed in the unified States, the average absence rate to be 2.9 days every year in 2018, according to data native the U.S. Bureau of job Statistics. In addition, a 2017 survey sponsored by CareerBuilder revealed the 29% the employees present up late to occupational at least once a month. With every one of these absences and also tardiness, it's clear the U.S. Enterprise are losing a the majority of productivity.

Tardiness is chronic for part workers, v 16% they're late at least once a week. These associates' lateness results in shed time that would certainly otherwise be fertile morning hours. Individual tardiness plans vary amongst companies, but it's relatively common because that employees come be marked absent because that the day even if they display up for part of the time.

For your company to be productive and successful, you'll have to tackle this concern head-on.

The cost of lacking workers

Missed work has actually an connected cost. Co-workers regularly cover absent colleagues' workloads, however some tasks fall between the cracks.

Businesses lose much more than $84 billion each year to absenteeism, follow to the health Index emerged by Gallup and also Sharecare. This report account for much more than 3 million studies regarding the overall well-being of the U.S. Population. Experienced occupations and also management are the hardest hit – accountancy for nearly $40 exchange rate of that shed productivity.

Real factors employees space late for work 

There room valid factors to be late because that work, and everyone understands that unforeseen emergencies arise. These space the common causes of unpunctuality:

Some tardies are legally protected.

The just legally safeguarded lateness sorry involve family illness, death, and also other too much emergencies. Federal legislations do not protect other wide-ranging excuses, but individual employers set their own parameters for what's acceptable. 

Did girlfriend know? Lateness isn't the only case that inspires employee creativity when it pertains to excuses. Some of the craziest excuses employee have offered to miss work incorporate a suddenly adult-onset banana allergy, spoiled toothpaste and also a file cut.

What come do when you're late for work

The most important thing to do as soon as you're to run late is to stay calm. If you panic, you're much more likely come make poor decisions that could impact both her health and also the well-being of others. ~ you take it a deep breath, take into consideration these ideal practices for when you're running late:

1. Offer advanced notification, if possible.

It's essential to it is in proactive if you know you'll it is in late because that work. Be aware of just how your delayed visibility affects your team, and also let them know you won't be on time. There's a opportunity that if something is delaying girlfriend – such together a roadway closure – it's additionally delaying others. 

Choose a notification method that is effective and also safe based upon your existing circumstances. If you work-related in a firm where everyone expects to it is in updated by email, send an e-mail to the suitable people. If you have actually a direct supervisor to whom you report, and also it's an ext appropriate to contact or text them v the update, do that instead.

However, her safety and the safety and security of those approximately you are an ext important than explaining your tardiness ahead of time: Don't text, call or email while you're driving. 

2. Interact honestly v your employer.

Apologize for the delay, and also don't lie. Emphasize the you did everything possible to acquire to job-related as soon as girlfriend could, and also that girlfriend won't make lateness a habit. If any kind of tasks must be covered, delegate them therefore nothing is missed.

3. Get ago to work.

Once you arrive, it deserve to be tempting to evaluation the heroic trip you've simply undergone to make it come work. Stand up to this temptation. You've already missed beneficial time and likely led to others to need to shuffle their responsibilities to cover for you. 

Taking more time away from your employer with a story of her epic adventure isn't the relocate to make. Fill her co-workers in on all of the details on break, having lunch or in ~ dinner later.

Did friend know? Tardiness is connected to perceived negative job performance, which is among the top reasons come fire employees, together with absenteeism, sex-related harassment and unethical behavior.

Is there a grace period for lacking work?

Whether or no your company has a grace duration for being late is totally up come you. It can even depend on individual managers within her organization. A typical grace period is five to seven minutes, however keep the employee handbook increase to date for details policies. Time and also attendance software program can aid employers stay on peak of employee absenteeism.

In part cases, employee are taken into consideration late because that a 7 a.m. Change if they're not at their desks, logged in and ready to occupational by the time. Getting here at 7 a.m., gaining coffee in the rest room, settling in and also spending 5 to 10 minute to start work may not be acceptable. This is particularly true for retail businesses that space expected to open up with operational employee on time every day.

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Tip: extreme tardiness might be a symptom the employee burnout. 

The cost of being late because that work

Missed work means missed productivity. Whether it's tardiness or absenteeism, chronic attendance problems expense your organization money. Employee who room not engaged may be an ext likely to miss work, which happens to anyone at some suggest or another. Once it becomes a habit, however, it's a warning authorize that something else is going on.