The cheetah is a truly distinctive animal. Being the world"s fastest floor animal, that is developed for speed. At increasing from 0 to 84 km/hr in simply 3 seconds, and also with top speed the 110 km/hr, method that the cheetah can out-perform a sporting activities car. Cheetahs space markedly various in both anatomy and also behavior from the various other 36 varieties of cats. They are the only varieties in your genus. Castle have advanced for speed versus power and also aggression. Their bodies space lightweight in comparison v the construct of other huge cats. They depend on their speed and skills for survival. The genus name, Acinonyx, is taken as “non-moving claws”, introduce to your semi-retractable claws. The species name, “jubatus”, way “maned”, referring to the mantle top top a young cheetah’s back. The English word, “cheetah”, comes from the Hindu indigenous “chita” an interpretation the “spotted one”.

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One of the many incredible things around the cheetahs is the remarkable processes and transitions in your lifecycle. Native born in ~ an average weight that 350 grams and completely helpless and also unable come see, to ending up being one that the most skilled predators and the more quickly land animal on the planet, naught speaks more about the remarkable adaptations that allow them to survive and also thrive in the complicated environments whereby they live.

The bicycle of Life

There are 4 stages in the lifecycle that the cheetah.

Stage 1: 90 come 95 job pregnancy; Stage 2: 6 weeks to 18 months;

Stage 3: 18 come 22 months; Stage 4: adult life.


Stage 1


Cheetah cubs room born blind, for this reason they need their mother"s care.

The female’s gestation period lasts 90 to 95 days. This way she is pregnant for about three months.

Shortly before she is all set to provide birth, the mommy makes a den in a quiet covert spot. She chooses her place in the high grass and thick underbrush or close to a clump the rocks.

A cheetah gives birth to an average of 5 to six cubs. Every cub weights between 250 to 425 grams. Cubs space born completely helpless and with your eyes closed, however they build rapidly. Scent and also touch are used to uncover their mummy nipples come suckle.

They start crawling approximately the swarm area at 4 to ten days once their eyes begin to open. At three weeks their this break with the gums.

A mommy cheetah will generally move her litter. This avoids a buildup of odor of the den site, which might lead other predators to the cubs. She carries an extremely young cubs in her jaws.

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The cubs are very vulnerable to lions, hyenas and also other predators as soon as the female pipeline them alone. When hunting she may be away for as much as 48 hours. In Tanzania’s Serengeti national Park, 90% of every cubs execute not reach the age of 3 months! Other reasons of death are abandonment when prey is scarce, exposure due to low temperatures or grass fires.