Each question includes a number and some initials for a frequently recognized phrase, or things that has actually something to execute with the number. Figure OUT THE PHRASE and also WRITE it IN THE north BOX. Several of these are very hard, however the number is your best clue -- think around things that start with those initials the involve the number!

EXAMPLE: 16 O. In a P.

Answer:16 Ounces in a Pound

Here you go!

And remember...this game does no measure your intelligence, her fluency through words, and also certainly not your mathematics ability. That will, however, provide you part idea the your mental flexibility and also creativity. Couple of people can solve an ext than half of the inquiries on the very first try. Many, however, reported acquiring answers lengthy after the test had actually been set aside, particularly at unexpected moments as soon as their minds to be relaxed. Some reported solving concerns over a duration of numerous days.

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Take this as a personal challenge, and challenge your parents and also friends! and if girlfriend can"t think of an answer now, bookmark this webpage or jot the inquiry down, and see if the answer concerns mind later. Periodically we can see other more clearly if we put it aside because that a small while to clear our minds.

Newest contributions:

31 = F at B.R.

... Price ...31 = spices at Baskin Robbins

5 f ~ above a h

... Price ...Five fingers on a hand

4 l on a D

... Prize ...4 legs on a Dog

12 N. ~ above a C.

... Prize ...12 numbers on a clock

50 s. In USoA

... Price ...50 says in the United says of America

Two indigenous the music world:

9 N top top the T.C.

... Price ...9 notes on the Treble Clef

21 N. On the G.S.

... Answer ...21 notes on the great Scale

And these might be about anything!

7 D. In S. W.

... Prize ...7 Dwarfs in snow White

A S. In T. S. 9

... Price ...A stitch over time saves 9

26 L. Of the A.

... Answer ...26 letters of the Alphabet

7 D. Of the W.

... Price ...7 work of the Week

7 B. For 7 B.

... Answer ...7 Brides because that 7 brother (an old movie)

7 W. Of the W.

... Price ...7 marvels of the World

4 Q. In a G.

... Prize ...4 Quarts in a Gallon

24 H. In a D.

... Answer ...24 hours in a Day

1001 A. N.

... Prize ...1001 Arabian Nights

60 S. In a M.

... Price ...60 seconds in a minute

12 = variety of S. Of the Z.

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... Price ...12 indications of the Zodiac

54 = number of C. In a D. (WITH J"S)

... Price ...54 Cards in a Deck (with Jokers)

8 = variety of P. IN THE S.S.

... Prize ...8 Planets in the Solar System(now that Pluto is no longer considered a planet!)