`+ = 0`As, `cot^-1x and also cos^-1 x ge 0`,So, just solution available for this equation is,` = = 0`When ` = 0, x in (cot1,oo)`When ` = 0, x in (cos1,1)`Intersection of over two situations will be `x in (cot 1, 1)`.So, choice `c` is the correct option.

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+=0`, wherein `<>`denotes the biggest integer functions, then the complete collection of values of `x`is(a)`(cos1,1)` (b) `cos1,cos1)``(cot1,1)` (d) nobody of these" title="If `+=0`, wherein `<>`denotes the greatest integer functions, then the complete collection of worths of `x`is(a)`(cos1,1)` (b) `cos1,cos1)``(cot1,1)` (d) no one of these" style="width:100%;height:;"/>
+=0,` wherein `x` is a non negative real number and also <.> denotes the best integer function, climate complete set of worths of x is - (A) `(cos1 ,1)` (B) `(-1, cos1)` (C) `(sin1 , 1)` (D) `(cos1 , sin1)`" style="width:100%;height:;"/>

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