This hefty weightLinen Rayon mix is twice as heavy as ourLinen Rayon blendbut is indigenous adifferent source.It has actually asubtle plaid type of weave. Bottom weight, an excellent for pants, skirts, and dresses.

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55% linen and 45% rayon15.5oz per linear yard, 60" wideYou deserve to dye this through our Fiber Reactive DyesSuggested usage; jackets, pants, shirts, window draperies, theatre costuming for items needing a linen look, etc.Available in reduced yardage and also in 30 yard boltsMachine wash in any type of temperature water

Remember, bolts vary! castle can more than or under - we charge you because that the yes, really yardage. If you require very particular yardage, order cut yardage.

There space a few things you need to know about our fabrics...


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I made an unlined jacket the end of this because that a gentleman. It has a an excellent weight to it and also drapes beautifully.
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Heavier than I supposed it to be yet honestly that"s also better! We provided this through PR136 (Fiber Reactive dye in Oxblood) to make a Thor-style cape. That hangs beautifully didn"t shrink over-much in the wash and also takes dye very well.
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Beautiful fabric!
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Love this material. Now I simply need to find the perfect use for it.

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