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Hi everyone...I"m brand-new here and just starting up a gym wear clothing brand. I have an every Saints tshirt that is do of 50% noodle 50% modal and it feels exactly what i want to use. Light and airy and drapes nicely (not like the thick cotton tees i see most gym undertake being printed on - way too hot!)Problem is, as shortly as i google cotton/modal mix, ns cant it seems ~ to discover anywhere come buy wholesale empty garments.I get a the majority of results approximately cotton/poly mix - yet thats not the same thing is it? I"m assuming it is the thin "drapey" American Apparel format material (which i additionally love and also will likely use together well)Does anyone know where to find cotton/modal 50/50 mix wholesale blank garments?Thanks in advance!Emma,, room some. Jiffy shirts friend don"t need to have an account. The others you do.

Yes, cotton t-shirts don"t have that soft feel you desire if you space working out. Some of our customers have liked the feel of the blends of cotton and also polyester. May want to shot those if girlfriend cannot find 50/50 modal and cotton.Good happiness!

Blank cotton t shirt specially 50/50 in ~ wholesale price! girlfriend can acquire all your demanded article this time below at Have a an excellent time.
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