The average cost to turnkey a warehouse is $55-$70 every square foot, which does not include land or grading. The means, for example, a 10,000 sq ft warehouse will cost $550,000-$700,000 plus land and grading.

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Your firm has ultimately outgrown that is current room and you require a warehouse.

A brand-new warehouse is an invest in her company, however how large of an invest is it?

We chose to provide you a substantial guide come estimating your very own warehouse job for budgeting.

For the functions of this chart, we separation the average expense to construct a turnkey warehouse of $55-$70 per square foot under the middle, or $62.50 per square foot.

The chart listed below assumes every the trappings of building a warehouse, like warehouse lighting, parking lot, etc.

A an easy storage building–which is a fairly simple steel box with concrete, steel structure kit, building assembly, and tiny else–will price closer to $19-$25 per square foot.

This price walk not encompass land or grading and also is only an estimate.

size SQUARE FEET TURNKEY calculation

2,400 SF
3,000 SF
4,000 SF
5,000 SF
6,000 SF
6,400 SF
8,000 SF
10,000 SF
15,000 SF
20,000 SF
30,000 SF
40,000 SF
50,000 SF
100,000 SF

*Disclaimer: Prices provided for informational objectives only, and they carry out not constitute a quote. The design of your building, ar specifics, local structure codes, and building loads may impact your final price.

Warehouse expense per Square Foot

Here’s a failure on the warehouse cost per square foot for estimating costs. 

The larger the building is, the reduced the dollar every square foot price tends come be.

Metal building – $3.50-$15 a square footShell (building, concrete, and assembly) – $19-$25 a square footTurnkey – $55-$70 a square foot

How lot Does a little Warehouse Cost?

A small warehouse is generally taken into consideration anything smaller sized than 5,000 square feet. 

The average expense per square foot is greater for smaller structures due come the amount of stole versus space. Conversely, the larger the structure the lower the cost per square foot is lower due to the fact that the quantity of stole versus space is lower. 

Warehouses under 5,000 SF usually cost close to the covering (building, concrete, and assembly) price the $19-$25 per square foot because they tend not to incorporate things like commercial lighting, up-scale ventilation, commercial HVAC, and also office build-outs. If all of those things room included, that will price $55-$70 a square foot on average.

5,000 Square Foot Warehouse Cost

A turnkey 50×100, or 5,000 sq ft, warehouse will certainly cost approximately $312,500 plus land and grading, however a variety of factors influence the cost.

The shell (building, concrete slab, and erection) will cost roughly $100,000 or $20 every square foot.

The steel building will typically run you in between $7-$12 per square foot, or $35,000-$72,000.

A 5,000 square foot structure is a decent dimension for a little to lower-medium sized business.

Cost to build 10,000 Square Foot Warehouse

A turnkey 10,000 square foot or 100×100 warehouse will cost about $625,000 add to land and also grading.

A 10,000 sq ft warehouse covering will operation close to $200,000.

The steel building is generally $6-$10 a square foot, or $60,000-$100,000.


The concrete and also erection prices tend to go up from the typical $5.50/SF erection and also $6.50/SF concrete in 10,000+ square feet warehouses due to the fact that the crews will must order larger tools (ex. Upgrading indigenous a 6,000-pound shooting boom forklift come a 10,000-pound) and also have a larger crew than the typical 5-man band.

This tends to offset with the fallout’s square foot price of the steel building kit to approximately $20 per square foot.

Cost to build 20,000 Sq Ft Warehouse

A turnkey 100×200, or 20,000 square foot, warehouse is roughly $1,250,000, plus land and also grading.

Building the covering (building, concrete, and erection) will hit girlfriend for appropriate close come $400,000.

The pre-engineered steel building will ballpark $5-$9 per sq ft, or $100,000-$180,000.

Cost to develop 50,000 Sq Ft Warehouse

The turnkey price for a 50,000 Sq Ft Warehouse runs appropriate at $3,125,000, to add land and grading.

A warehouse covering of a 50,000 square foot warehouse is $1,000,000 top top average.

The metal building by itself costs $4-$8 a square ft, or $200,000-$400,000.

How lot Does It price to develop a 100,000 Sq Ft Warehouse?

You’re looking at $6,250,000 on mean to turnkey a 100,000 square foot warehouse, plus soil plot and also grading.

Building, concrete, and also assembly together for a 100,000 square foot warehouse is about $2,000,000.

The steel building kit averages $3.50-$8 a square foot, or $350,000-$800,000.

Different kinds of costs to Consider


There room four types of costs associated with warehouse construction; difficult costs, soft, costs, long-term costs, and financing costs.

If your structure is walking to need plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. The is not consisted of in this typical cost and would constitute one extra expense.

Hard Costs

Hard expenses include the “brick-and-mortar” costs of building a warehouse. 

For example, materials, labor, electrical, plumbing, sewer, grading (aka leveling), HVAC, parking lots, and LEED certifications.

This is generally what businesses average when castle ask, “How much does it expense to construct a warehouse?”It is, however, only one of 4 categories of costs.


The “turnkey”, “shell”, and “steel building kit” approximates on this page only account for hard and also soft costs.

Soft Costs

Soft expenses are the purchases prefer permits, insurance, legit fees, architectural drawings, engineering, taxes, non-permanent furniture (chairs, desks, etc.), movable tools (ex. Forklift), and also any other prices not associated to hard costs.

Long-Term Costs


The long-term cost of warehouse building and construction includes your energy bills, ongoing maintenance, and upkeep. 

The lifetime price of a warehouse will certainly swing wildly based on these factors. Your electric bill in particular can it is in severely diminished by upgrading the insulation of your warehouse. That costs an ext upfront however reduces her monthly bill. 

It’s precious doing the math to uncover the breakeven allude of upgraded insulation versus the decreased monthly bill. 

If it’s less than 10 years, the is probably worth doing. 

Here is a calculator to see where her break-even suggest is.

Financing Costs

Financing costs are how much you salary the bank in take out loan expenses associated with your building and construction loan.

The reduced your attention rate and also fees, the reduced your gaue won charges.

How large is an typical Warehouse?

The dimension of your warehouse has actually a direct influence on the last price you pay for your project.

According come data from the energy Information Administration, the typical square foot dimension of a warehouse in the United claims is 16,400 square feet.

Warehouse and Storage size Chart

Source: energy Information Administration


1,001 to 5,000
5,001 come 10,000
10,001 come 25,000
25,001 come 50,000
50,001 come 100,000
100,001 come 200,000
200,001 to 500,000
Over 500,000

However, that consists of ALL the almost 800,000 “warehouse and also storage” buildings that have actually been constructed in the last 100 years, i m sorry is not particularly helpful.

It also includes “storage” which is a catch-all term including automobile parking, little shops, and also attic-like storage structures that we would certainly not normally speak to a “warehouse”.

So, right here is miscellaneous a small closer.

According to a examine done by CBRE, the median size that warehouses built from 2012-2017 was 184,693 square feet, and that number is going up every year.

Warehouse Concrete structure Cost

All warehouses need a concrete foundation to anchor the building.

It is no a uniform concrete slab, favor one a residence would have.

It has actually concrete footers that are specially engineered v rebar to assistance the wind, snow, and seismic activity in the local area.

It frequently costs $6-$7 every square foot because that the 4-inch concrete structure of a warehouse which has the concrete, forming, pouring, and also finishing.

As we detailed above, this have the right to go up as soon as a warehouse is larger than 10,000 ft.², due to the fact that of the additional manpower and also equipment necessary.

Also, if you require thicker concrete, that will expense more.

Warehouse Erection Cost


Steel building assembly is likewise called “erection”, “construction”, and “assembling”.

They all median the exact same thing.

On average, it expenses $5-$6 per square foot for building by a 5-man erection crew with a 6,000-pound eight forklift.

For most steel buildings, the assembly takes only a couple of days. Larger structures may take 2 come 3 weeks depending upon the design.

Other expenses to Consider

Some other prices to take into consideration are the charges because that shelving, racking, equipment, security, forklifts, and devoted systems you might want in your warehouse.

You may also want come think about warehouse automation. This can include robots, software, and automated package retrieval systems.

Most of these points fall external of the construction cost considerations and also would kick up the price of your whole warehouse construction project.

How room Warehouses Built?

This question could have countless answers. Here are 2 answers because that the most most likely reason to ask together a question.

In 4 Phases

Building a warehouse is an enormous project. Building and construction projects broadly failure into 4 unique phases. 

Initiation – This requires a feasibility study. It usually asks if the timeline, budget, and work scope all make sense together. For example, it would make no feeling to suppose to build a 1M square foot warehouse in 1 week, however it would make feeling to suppose to develop an 8×8 garden melted in a week.Pre-Construction – This contains permits, design, rental a general Contractor, and also procurement (aka. Getting the stuff).Construction – You lastly break ground and also start physically structure your warehouse here. Post-Construction – This has demobilization, beat lists, and also documentation closeouts. 

With Steel

According come the Metal structure Manufacturer’s Association, 95% of brand-new industrial construction uses metal framing. 

It dominates the commercial warehouse market. The steel is a pre-engineered red stole steel building with I-beam columns and also rafters, steel girts and also purlins, and metal cladding (roof and wall surface panels). 

Here is a snapshot with brand of the various facets of a pre-engineered metal structure used for warehouses.

How long Does It take it to construct a Warehouse?

How lengthy it take away to build a warehouse matters, since it directly influences just how expensive your structure project is. 

According come data native the human being Bank, it took an average the 81 days to build a warehouse in the United says in 2019 (data still being aggregated for 2020)

They specify the “building time” as, “the variety of calendar days essential to finish the compelled procedures for building a warehouse.”

Your actual mileage may vary based upon design, rezoning, grading, weather, size, internal build-out requirements, and changes to style made by girlfriend or through your regional government. 

Knowing nothing about your details project, 81 days seems choose a fair mean of the time. 

Your building size will certainly be a vital determining element for the timeline. A little warehouse will take less than 81, and a big warehouse will certainly take more. 

The complete project native initiation to final post-construction items deserve to take 4 months to 3 years depending on a wide variety of factors.

How the government Affects develop Time (and your Budget)

Credit: GoComics

One that the significant reasons it’s hard to give a full project timeline is since of how frequently you’ll require to interact with local, state, and also sometimes federal government entities.

73-Word Story Time

For example, we had actually a job for a client.

The inspector had been on site 5 times already and report no problems.

Then, inspection #6 failed inspection because there no a port-a-potty ~ above site.

There was no point out in the prior 5 visits nor in any type of publication that stated a port-a-potty to be required.

Doesn’t matter.

The job site was shut down until a port-a-potty gained there and also the inspector confirmed it to be there.

Government communication Problems

There can be miscommunication from federal government employees in the exact same office.

One deserve to tell your plumber it demands to be black and the next man says white.

This confusion deserve to hit girlfriend in the pocket book.

It Can get Political

The larger your project, the an ext true this becomes.

Industrial warehouses influence a town’s aesthetic, demographics, taxation revenues, infrastructure, and also a thousand other things.

Those things impact the civilization that vote.

The civilization in office–or with aspirations to it is in in office–care around what voter think.

This have the right to bend in your favor or against it. 

Ultimately, neighborhood politics deserve to mean the distinction between preventing you from structure at every or rolling the end the red carpet, both the which have actually a powerful influence ~ above your last cost.

You can Fail one Inspection

Not come mention, you’ll need permits and also inspections the usually relocate at federal government speeds (which, in situation our tone isn’t clear, method frustratingly slow).

Also, i beg your pardon inspector friend get, as soon as they come out, and even exactly how well you get along with them might influence whether her warehouse gets a happen or failing inspection. 

A failing inspection can collection your project earlier a couple of hours, a few weeks, or a couple of months depending upon why you failed.

These delays have the right to have small or significant impacts on your project price.

How to Make points Go Faster

You deserve to reduce a many these difficulties with: 

A good feasibility study Good currently of communication with the people inspecting and also approving your building.

Types that Warehouses (and their Cost)

This is a caveat to all the pricing top top this page since the type of warehouse friend are structure affects the price every square foot

Here room a couple of of the most common varieties of warehouses and also any adjustments you have to make in her back-of-the-napkin budgeting.

Storage Warehouse – This article assumes this kind of warehouse, every numbers apply.Office Warehouse – Office buildout prices $100-$200 every square foot ~ above average. Because warehouses don’t tend to need deluxe offices, the lower end of that range is probably accurate.Cold warehouse Warehouse – $150-$170 every square foot, on average.

Real Estate costs for structure a Warehouse

It is stroked nerves to be in search of pricing and also only acquiring 75% of the picture.

The reason we don’t encompass “land and also grading” in the prices above is since of exactly how region-specific land is and also how location-specific grading is.

For example, if you are looking for industrial residential property in Los Angeles it will certainly be monumentally much more expensive than the exact same plot in Commerce, GA.

The only way to know just how much land will certainly be in your area is come look at prices on sites choose

Also note, that you may need to gain the soil rezoned.

How much Does Grading expense for a Warehouse?

Grading for a warehouse in Georgia.

The reason it’s following to difficult to give even an typical number is because the price to grade her plot is 100% location-specific. 

But, below are some numbers.

It can price anywhere from a few thousand come millions to grade (level) your lot, and here are some questions to questioning to start calculating the expense to level her land.

Is there a creek or a swamp? Do you need a retention pond? Do you need a retaining wall? If so, exactly how big?How countless acres are being leveled?Is the on a hill?Is it rocks, hard clay, soft sand, or other else?How many trees need to be clearing (and stumps ground)?

How to reduce the price of Grading for your Warehouse

We don’t want to leave you out there in no-man’s-land wondering about pricing. 

So, right here is a description of the the very least expensive land come grade.

Already flat, or mostly flatIn a ar with no treesHas a organic water drainage pathThe dust is difficult clay or other similar
This is a pen for Pinterest.

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* is this.


We hope this comprehensive guide provides you all the information you required to acquire started on your warehouse.

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