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It"s a cateye and also another name is superbike. It does have a electric start to. Currently I don"t understand if it has actually a battery (can"t call if there is one in the battery box) to work-related the electric starter or if it"s to be removed yet I do see the cable going come it therefore I would think it"s there. It"s right behind the pull starter. Therefore the wiring diagram should help you out all though the color of her wires may be different.If girlfriend do have a battery offer the electrical starter a try. The button is on the right manage bar. However you require to organize in the left brake lever to fight the safety switch that in it.
Thank you because that the info. The battery is in there but it"s dead and also it looks favor the starter is there. I will give it a charge and see if the holds then try it out. I"ll let girlfriend know how I make out. Thanks again!:thumbsup:
:thumbsup:Update:thumbsup: every the wires are sorted out. I got whatever working....Headlights, Directionals, Horn, Brake lites. Bike runs great. The starter switch is an excellent but the starter is unable to do so ns do have to replace it. Then on come the clean up, body work and also paint. Ns will article some photos soon.
is over there a hand-operated for the cat eye that i can download or something choose the actual hands-on with every the various parts
hey i got a cat eye bag bike and also the hand-operated came with a wiring diagram that was very easy come read, im trying to uncover it come scan the snapshot for you. Lol i cant it seems ~ to find it, my garage is a mess
hey i gained a cat eye bag bike and also the manual came v a wiring diagram that was very easy come read, im trying to find it to scan the photo for you. Lol i cant it seems to be ~ to discover it, my garage is a mess
I have actually a wiring diagram,,,I hope it functions out for you.....In case you didnt recognize ypou can just perform away through all the electronics and also simply pullstart it like a weedeater or lawnmower...
Can you article the names come the labeled parts in the photos please so i understand what they are all called i didnt get manual v my buke ether hmmmm
no yet these will aid you take the rats nest and also make 3 seperate systems out of it that will certainly meld into one in ~ the battery or keyswitch...................
you da male CAM! I"ve to be looking for simple to recognize diagram so I deserve to re-wire my many recent purchase. Thanks!!!
its still provides me a headache and I am getting frustrated with my bike... Human who own it prior to me clipped wires spliced wires and who knows what else... Think I"m simply gonna directly hardwire the lights n turn signals 4 now
thanks for the diagram cam... Several of us want to keep several of the lighting and also other features.. This will certainly be a huge help
I need a complete wiring diagram because that a 49cc bag bike. The is a 2 bike battery powered and pull cord start. I want to obtain it solved up for my son but all the wires room jumbled up and also its just a large mess. Please assist if you can.

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You don"t need a battery or wiring to make the engine run, yet you have to run the tiny coil cable to a toggle or kill switch and the other side come ground, therefore you have the right to ground the coil when you want to rotate it off.I always, inspect or replace the plug and also check because that a spark and check the gap approximately .028" will work for starters. If you have a good spark, you have the right to move on. Make sure all her bolts are tight. If the traction starter works, open the piston through the hole, in the carb, put a teaspoon of gas there or in the plug hole and pull start it to check out if the pops or fires and or runs.You have a 49cc Zenoah piston harbor copy engine, through a copy carb of a 15mm Walbro WYK pumper carb. Must push the pear a couple of time to acquire gas native the gas tank, needs a choke as soon as cold. I have actually all type of new parts for that engine, reason I have actually a seat go-ped style scooter. I placed a billet alum manifold with rise bottle fitting amd a WT-813 Walbro w/ acell pump for good starts, design for her engine, and also then a V-stack w/ choke cause the 813 has actually no choking plate, and a Jet pro racing exhaust, it desires to popular music wheelies & it just weights 48lbs. A Cateye is more than likely closer to 100lbs. You need an X1-X7 HP fatty exhaust.