Simple DIY Step-By-Step overview for Replacing your Cabin air Filter top top the third Gen (2016+) Toyota Tacoma

Let’s speak maintenance. Some maintenance, like an altering your differential fluids, or law your very own oil changes, while no necessarily hard, have the right to be messy and also time-consuming. But something choose replacing a cabin wait filter is the finish opposite.

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Don’t also bother payment the dealership marked-up rates to do small items such together this one. This overview will summary the simple process behind swapping her cabin waiting filter to save your cabin air as totally free of contaminants together possible.

I’m guessing that the cabin air filter is just one of the most neglected pieces of maintenance. Because that how simple it is, that really shouldn’t be the case. Breath clean air have to be a priority—my filter was past dirty. For this reason I’m also guilty of forgetting about this one.

3rd Gen Tacoma Cabin wait Filter Maintenance

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Why adjust Your Cabin wait Filter?


This is pretty lot a no-brainer.

Like any kind of filter, cabin wait filters assist to ensure that the waiting coming into your cabin is nice and also clean. If you constant the trail or live in a dry or dusty area, the need to replace this filter is even much more important. Toyota recommends the under extreme use, a cabin waiting filter should be changed every 10,000 miles. For much more typical driving use, Toyota recommends you change your filter every 15,000-30,000 miles.

In the photo above, you have the right to see just how filthy my cabin air filter was. The filter material was black and also full the junk such as leaves and also random bits of dust and debris. Obviously, when the fan was spinning air into my cabin, the clogged-up filter was no doing its job optimally and also my passengers and I weren’t breath the cleanest air.

I would estimate that this filter had about 30,000 miles on it, with usage trending in the direction of the excessive side of the spectrum. Obviously, i waited method too long to execute this, around three times also long. I’m sure that a clogged air filter has actually an influence on how hard the HVAC fan needs to job-related too, no to cite impeding the airflow with the climate system. Can a at sight clogged filter influence your fan under the road, a super costly repair? Potentially. However why test your luck? simply swap it and also forget it!

Cabin waiting Filter instead of Overview

There yes, really isn’t lot to this simple maintenance item. It literally takes 5 minutes. Perhaps less! I’ll it is in going with a rapid step-by-step guide to to walk you through the process.

There space several options for cabin wait filters. I decided to purchase OEM because I uncovered a good price, but there are several aftermarket replacements. Every claiming to have actually some kind of one-of-a-kind filtration or something that sets castle apart. I chose to save it basic with what was fitted from the factory.

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3rd Gen Tacoma (2016+) Cabin waiting Filter

Step 1. Open up Glove Box


First step. Go to your gloves box and also open that up. Simple enough!


The cabin waiting filter is towards the ago of the glove box.

Step 2. Eliminate Organizer


Most Tacomas come with some type of organizer indigenous the factory.

I had one from Salex Organizers from automobile OCD, component of a kit with organizers because that the facility console. If you’re interested in the organizers, inspect out our short article covering lock here.

Regardless the what you have, it demands to come out so you deserve to get access to the dashboard at the back.

Step 3. Eliminate Glove crate Panel


Couldn’t be any kind of easier. The panel literally tells you exactly how to eliminate it.

If you’ve never taken the dashboard out, it may fight girlfriend a tiny bit.

Step 4. Remove access Panel come Cabin wait Filter


Once the panel spanning this area is removed, you’ll check out where the fan and part of the HVAC system sit.

Remove the panel to gain to her cabin air filter.


Simply squeeze out the 2 tabs securing the cover on and also it must pop appropriate off.

Step 5. Eliminate Your Old Cabin wait Filter


When the critical panel is out, you’ll be able to easily view your filter.

Again, look at how dirty mine is…


Pull the filter out and toss it.

This is what the area under the filter watch like. You have the right to see your HVAC pan inside.

Step 6. Download Your brand-new Cabin waiting Filter


Many filters will certainly tell you just how to orient them within the filter location.

The OEM one has actually the directions best on the side.


The brand-new filter dropped right into its place. And with that, you’re done. More than likely the single fast and also easiest point on your booked maintenance list.

Just change all the parts and also everything is good to go. One thing to note, be careful and also slowly install all the covers. One of them offered me part trouble and had I pushed it also much, I can have damaged one the the corners. Slow and steady is the surname of the game.

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Final Thoughts

If you’ve never ever replaced her cabin wait filter, we hope this overview was useful.

Most maintenance is really not that difficult, also swapping most of her fluids isn’t the worst. Yet bottom line, store an eye on her air filter and readjust them at the proper intervals for this reason you have the right to breathe clean wait and assist to ensure the your HVAC mechanism isn’t working too hard pushing air past a dirty filter. In ~ the same time, save a couple of bucks and knock it out on her own. You gained this!