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Hello. I am considering to buy either the 32GB or 64GB iPod Touch. Native the to apologize website, it reads that the 32GB version have the right to hold "Up to 7,000 songs", "Up to 40 hours video" when the 64GB version can hold twice as much. Does that average the 32GB version have the right to hold approximately 7,000 songs and also 40 hours video? because the brand-new iPod Touch models carry out not have actually a camea, ns cannot imagine most of united state would need more than 32GB. Am I lacking something? have the right to iPod Touch plays back PowerPoint or Keynote presentations? Usually exactly how the storage space spent? ns wonder if the is worth to pay extra to obtain the 64GB version. Thanks.

64 GB iPod is overkill just if you do not desire to watch movies on/from the iPod. There room systems that enable you to calculation movies from the iPod to a TV, requiring higher resolution i beg your pardon requires bigger files.In theory, you could carry around a complete digital library of 100s of movies on your iPod, in which situation 64 GB is not enough.To every his own.

64GB might be overkill because that you however there are civilization who desires 1TB iPod... If I"d choose to take it my 97GB iTunes library to almost everywhere I would need A lot space. Furthermore apps and movies bring away a lot an are too and iTouch is perfect for movies and also games

This inquiry makes no sense. If her iTunes library is nowhere near 64 GB, climate it is overkill. If that is close to or end 64 GB, then it is not. Some world have an ext than 64 GB the music. It all depends on the person. Sounds favor you don"t require 64 GB, however that only makes that overkill for you, no everyone.

Once the capacity doubles next year, that"s as soon as I am buying one. Mine music alone is end 80GB no to mention all the 1TB+ I have of video.

64GB is overkill if you have actually less than 32GB the content. If you have actually over 64GB of contents it isn"t huge enough.
64GB is overkill if you have less 보다 32GB the content. If you have actually over 64GB of content it isn"t big enough.

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This is correct.Right now I only have around 3 gigs left on mine 32GB iPod touch, and also there"s just music on it. In 2-3 years, it won"t even fit. As civilization collect an ext music, your storage requirements expand. Thankfully, the amount of easily accessible iPod storage also expands.