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MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill., Sept. 4, 2015 / -- Vogue tire & Rubber company is excited to announce the newest enhancement to that one-of-a-kind Custom built Radial tyre series. The all-new 305/35R24 Custom developed Radial SCT. This 24 customs Vogue tyre is the best whitewall ever mass-produced v Vogue"s signature gold stripe.

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The freshly designed 305/35R24 Custom built Radial SCT tyre has actually been manufactured with an advanced, silica-infused compound designed for remarkable traction and responsiveness, and a large Shoulder Element design for greater managing confidence.

The enhancement of wide, circumferential grooves in the tread design permits for outstanding all-weather traction and far better handling in wet weather conditions. A newly designed tread pattern, formulated through exclusive sloping elements, promises quietness over the life that the tyre.

In addition to the innovative new design, the 24 customs Vogue promises that Vogue"s signature to whisper Tuning™ and VogueTech comfort Ride™ design remains intact. All Vogue tyres space backed by Vogue"s Century that Craftsmanship Pledge, which consists of a 60,000 mile warranty and also a 30-day "Buy and also Try" guarantee to ensure pure customer satisfaction.

"The advent of the biggest whitewall ever with our new 24 inch white & gold Custom developed Radial come at very exciting time because that Vogue. This is an opportunity to continue to create commodities that are emotionally compelling come look at, fun to drive and uniquely profitable to own," states Greg Hathcock, president of Vogue Tyre and also Rubber Company.

With the expansion of Vogue"s obtainable tyre products, Vogue is poised to experience substantial growth in one untapped area of the automotive market, while still keeping the Vogue legacy of comfort, performance, and also class.

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About Vogue Tyre

The Vogue Tyre and Rubber company has been developed upon a passion to engineer and deliver custom luxury tyres come the many discerning the customers. Base in the ethics of quality, safety, and style, Vogue Tyre has actually been leading the automotive aftermarket industry for over a century.

Founded in 1914, Vogue is credited with the invention of the Whitewall Tyre, a architecture that placed the agency on the map. V the farming popularity that the Whitewall Tyre, together with the booming growth of the automotive industry, Vogue Tyre and Rubber company quickly found its niche in a society that was coming to be increasingly an ext aware the its identification in cars. With the development of the White and also Gold Sidewall architecture in the 1960"s, Vogue"s name became synonymous with a lifestyle of luxury, individuality and refinement. Vogue"s one- of-a-kind products and also sincere, dependable service practices continue to attract a wide range of consumers, indigenous celebrities and professional athletes, come middle-class and working families.