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i noticed various info top top here and also on parts websites.I to buy Autolite Iridium plugs, on absent Auto the said void was .035" (I no look in ~ the decal underhood). But for other plugs it says .044".Which is right?If ns hav to be runnin the plugs for about 1k miles is that ok come regap them?Thanx

i noticed various info ~ above here and on components websites.I to buy Autolite Iridium plugs, on rock Auto the said gap was .035" (I didnt look at the decal underhood). Yet for other plugs it claims .044".Which is right?If i hav been runnin the plugs for around 1k miles is it ok to regap them?Thanx

Typically its finest to stick v the OEM brand and part #. I would not introduce those plugs personally. You might have difficulties when you change them. Save the originals in situation for now.
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