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How to examine my car is belt or chain? it is claimed timing belt in mine owner"s manual. As soon as I saw mechanic shop come ask the price, they claimed it is timing chain.Don"t have to change.They checked the computer system only, and also they didn"t examine my car. I acquired lost. Anybody can tell me exactly how to check? open up the hood? usage internet and vin number?.....
How to examine my automobile is belt or chain? the is stated timing belt in my owner"s manual. As soon as I saw mechanic shop come ask the price, they said it is timing chain.Don"t have to change.They confirm the computer only, and also they didn"t inspect my car. I obtained lost. Anybody can tell me just how to check? open up the hood? use internet and vin number?.....

The 13 Elantra is a chain. One deserve to usually phone call a belt if over there is a extending on one next of engine which houses the belt. Some vehicles challenging to examine without removing the cowling.

The diagram is for the dorn car. The OP has actually the 2012 Elantra Touring, i beg your pardon is a wagon and also has a different engine than the sedan and hatchback. It has a time belt.


I have actually no idea what friend mean. Explain why you simply love throwing money the end the window please? ns really need to hear this one.
What I average is if you have actually a time belt you know up front that it is walking to need replaced every 8~10 years or whatever. You never understand when you timing chain is walking to need replaced. It"s a lottery. I bet the guy who own the Elantra in that video clip used come think his would never require replaced, but he knows far better now.
The chart is because that the not correct car. The OP has the 2012 Elantra Touring, i beg your pardon is a wagon and has a different engine 보다 the sedan and also hatchback. It has actually a timing belt.
GDI with long oil readjust scenarios, ns say that"s up for debate. Soot would certainly be your adversary here.I would of favor to view one step up in dimension of the chain through Hyundai..
So, to check you space planning ~ above replacing your timing chain? Or have you excellent so on prior cars because that "preventive" maintenance. If so, exactly how much did friend pay?
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Thanks because that everybody. I guest it is time belt. I can see a plastic cover beside the engine. I will remove the cover to take it a watch tomorrow. It seems choose not too tough to remove the cover, with 4 screws. I have 132000 km now, so that is time to adjust if that is belt.
Thanks for everybody. I guest it is timing belt. I have the right to see a plastic cover next to the engine. Ns will remove the sheathe to take it a watch tomorrow. That seems like not too difficult to remove the cover, v 4 screws. I have 132000 km now, so it is time to change if the is belt.
I see now where the man was. You have actually a 2012 Elantra, TOURING. The is a completely different model than the 2011-16 MD sedan. Yours share the design of the vault generation Elantra. The forum for that model, most likely would have been the ar to post your question.Either method I"m glad you acquired your answer.
2012 Elantra TOURING is a FD chassis,,, it has the old 2.0L BETA that carries earlier into the old XD chassis,, and is time belt moved (plastic cover in between drive belt and also actual engine)UD/MD Elantra sports the 1.8 NU engine,, it is timing chain (aluminum front cover with over lap video camer cover states so
engine size" box on your personal profile page. This info makes that much much easier for other members come answer/comment on your posts.
Thanks. I opened up the cover. The is time belt and still looks good. Ns contacted Hyundai dealer. They require $600 for belt and about $150 because that water pump. It is Canadian dollar. And also they stated I don"t need to readjust the water pump. Now, i am wonder if I require to change the water pump together, since it is tho good.
Personally i always change the water pump once I perform a time belt replacement. If you space going to invest all the effort and money essential to change the belt, it just makes sense to replace the water pump.

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I think the Elantra walk from a timing belt in "06 to a time chain in 07 and years after, as it appears by my net searching. A nice piece of information to store in the earlier of her noggin.
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