feather for component number for vin# 1FADP3F21EL380534 so ns can discover a correct aftermarket part. Ford digital lists relays yet they don't say what they space for. I don't have actually the vehicle here and my mom is 85 therefore no chance of she finding it. Lol mine guess is pn 6G9Z-14N089-B and if the is aftermarket pn ECH AR7046 indigenous NAPA many thanks again, Phil

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Hello, I'm Danny.What relay space you spring for? What mechanism on the vehicle? i will shot to recommendation the number you listed until ns hear back from you. This just shows together a relay being both component numbers you've listed were correct. Photo attached below. Thanks for utilizing rememberingsomer.com.


Hi, The component number you listed, indigenous what I have the right to tell, was provided on the Focus beginning in 2015. That is a standard form 4 blade 40 amp relay. As far as details application, it have the right to be provided for lot of things. Can you phone call me which component or materials are affected?The Napa number you detailed is additionally a 4 tongue 40 amp relay, therefore it need to work as a replacement, yet I don't recognize what you are using that for.Let me know.Joe

i m really sorry it's because that the starter relay. That won't rotate over yet sometimes there is some clicking in the engine compartment.

Hello again.Okay, the starter relay is located in the battery junction box under the hood. I've attached a photo of its location below and also circled in red. The relay part numbers you provided are correct. Simply to have you all set if that is no the worry it likewise sounds favor it may be a defective starter solenoid ~ above the starter engine itself.Most auto components store have the right to test the starter motor/solenoid assembly because that free. Here is a indict showing exactly how to remove/replace a starter motor:https://www.rememberingsomer.com/articles/how-to-replace-a-starter-motorHope every this helps and let me recognize if girlfriend have any type of further questions on this issue.Thanks again for using rememberingsomer.com.Danny-
Thanks. Ns was hoping it to be the relay yet solenoid was what ns was concerned about. Ns wish that was like the old Fords top top the fender well.

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the looks choose I jumped right into this ~ Danny. Sorry around that. I have to agree v Danny. The sounds an ext like the starter 보다 a relay. Here is a attach explaining just how to inspect the starter itself. What friend will should do is simply inspect the cause wire (the smaller wire ~ above the S terminal of the starter) for power when the crucial is in the begin position. If there is power, change the starter.https://www.rememberingsomer.com/articles/starter-not-working-repairIf the starter is discovered to it is in the issue, right here are directions specific to your automobile for replacement. The fastened pics correlate through the directions.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++2014 Ford emphasis L4-2.0L Starter MotorVehicle beginning and Charging starting System Starter motor Service and also Repair Removal and also Replacement Starter MotorSTARTER MOTORStarter MotorRemovalWARNING: before beginning any kind of service procedure, describe Safety Warnings in basic Information See: auto > initial Inspection and Diagnostic Overview. Failure to follow this instruction may an outcome in serious an individual injury.NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain environment details. 1. To express to: Health and Safety Precautions See: automobile > Technician Safety details > Health and Safety Precautions ( See general Information See: auto > early stage Inspection and Diagnostic Overview, Description and also Operation).2. Refer to: Jacking and also Lifting - summary See: auto Lifting > procedures > Jacking and Lifting (See car Jacking and Lifting See: car Lifting > procedures > Jacking and Lifting, Description and also Operation).3. Express to: Battery Disconnect and also Connect See: Battery > measures > Battery Disconnect and also Connect (414-01 Battery, Mounting and Cables, general Procedures).4.pic 15. 1. Speak : 53 lb.in (6 Nm) 2. Speak : 106 lb.in (12 Nm)pic 26.pic 37. 2. Talk : 97 lb.in (11 Nm)pic 48. Talk : 26 lb.ft (35 Nm)pic 5Installation 1. To install, turning back the removal procedure.________________________________________Hope this helps. Let us know exactly how it transforms out because that you.Joe