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I to be trying to uncover the Crank place Sensor on my 2008 T&C Touring w/3.8 and also 6 speed trans. I"ve looked top top the trans however I still don"t view it. And it there a wiring repair kit because that this sensor? I had the sensor replaced a few months ago. And now i keep getting a 339, and 1128 codes. And a genuine loss of strength without warning. Ns feel that the plug is no tight or there"s a broke wire.

If standing in ~ the driver side finder and looking in ~ the bell housing of the infection as a clock, that is in ~ the 1 o"clock position, around an customs or therefore from the engine ~ above the bell housing. Likewise under the exhaust cross end tube, near the firewall. Go come and also create an account, afterwards, search "crank position". It will return 3 columns the results and the far right one will be directions and also a diagram is available, and also other info you can need.
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