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I have actually a 2012 200 2.4l soft top. Yesterday it damaged down and was having actually trouble starting. Ns limped it to a local vehicle parts store to gain the examine engine irradiate read. The codes that were pulled said it to be a faulty crankshaft position sensor. Ns purchased the sensor and also swapped the out later the exact same day. After i was done ns tried to start it however it didn"t start. It was certainly trying come start however no go. I also removed the grounds for 10 minutes to try and reset the computer to clear the inspect engine light but it stayed on. Walk anyone have actually ideas regarding why that still wont begin after installing a new crankshaft place sensor? also some friends mentioned maybe it had actually two sensors yet the research study I"ve done has actually never mentioned more than one sensor.HELP
Well this is embarrassing. The issue was somehow the sensor wasn"t bolted earlier into place. The bolt remained in the housing but the sensor wasn"t fastened down. When it to be bolted down correctly the car started right up. I didn"t check out a method of deleting this subject so maybe a mod/admin might do it because that me? Thanks

Well this is embarrassing. The worry was in which method the sensor wasn"t bolted earlier into place. The bolt remained in the housing yet the sensor wasn"t fastened down. Once it was bolted down appropriately the automobile started best up. I didn"t see a method of deleting this subject so probably a mod/admin might do it for me? Thanks
No must delete. Points happen and it might aid another with the same issue.Welcome come the forum and also come ago for all points 200 !
Crankshaft position sensor has actually failed several times. I changed it myself irst. The shop has actually replaced it numerous times. That still place the poor crankshaft sensor code and also and troubles persist. Engine dies at stop indicators randomly. Occasionally it jerks once shifting as well. Any kind of help? Thanks!

The business manual claims a wiring worry can reason the failure mode you"re describing. It says to check the wires because that chafing, etc and also to unplug and replug the connector and also to wiggle the wires to view if that provides a difference. The service manual says you must attempt come visually examine the teeth on the wheel that the sensor is reading in search of debris.
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