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Blower control Module (Blower Resistor) instead of DIY - 2013 F350 XLT XTRI tried trying to find information however I couldn"t discover much on just how to change the blower regulate module without need to disconnect the AC or heater/radiator hoses. Below is one explanation on just how to perform it in your garage. Purchase the workshop service manual native motorcraftservice website. A 72 hour subscription is 22$ and you can print the pages to PDF and keep them because that future use. Also print/PDF any other info you might need so that you don’t need to re-purchase the workshop business manual. It to be under 412-01 Climate control – Blower Motor rate Control. From there it will connect you to every the relevant sections. Over there are additionally some an excellent exploded views that you should have actually handy.I will explain what you have to do in general, and how castle are various from the business manual however the details will certainly be in the service manual.You have to do the following:1. De-energize waiting bag.2. Remove the dashboard, the hand-operated calls the the ‘instrument panel’. Monitor the manual other than for the following:a. Execute not eliminate the steering wheel or air bag.b. Do not eliminate the shifter bar or boot. The boot can an ext rolled the end of the way. Friend only should remove the bottom steering obelisk trim panel, the top can stay.c. Ns think the hand-operated says to remove these items if you space taking it the end of the cabin? just put the seats back and lean them all the means back and also place the dashboard ~ above the seats. This might be more an overwhelming if you have bucket seats through a facility console. You might want to placed some crate in the seat to rest the dashboard on it to safeguard your center console. Likewise protect your seats with cardboard or something. View my pictures listed below for what the dashboard will certainly look like. Nothing forget to disconnect any kind of aftermarket electric accessories, favor dashcams or lights.e. I only had 2 electric connectors top top the driver’s side, the business manual claimed 3.f. I had an extra electrical connector on my passenger side the the business manual did no mention.g. TIPS: the takes 2 world to eliminate the dash and place the on the seats, do this very slowly in instance you missed an electric connection. You really don’t want to damage a 24 pen connector.3. View the snapshot below for what the truck will certainly look prefer after the dashboard is out. Friend don’t have to remove the ‘heater core and evaporator main point housing’ to accessibility the blower control module. Removal of the core needs the heater core to be drained and the AC to be de-pressurized.5. Girlfriend don’t should remove the passenger within wheel well.6. You have to loosen every the bolts that the ‘heater core and also evaporator core housing’, this will offer you sufficient wiggle room to eliminate the blower regulate module.7. Over there is one bolt and also one nut on the inside of the truck, the is the easy part.8. There room 3 nuts and one bolt ~ above the fire wall surface of the engine just that are a pain. The seed behind the battery is obtainable with a U-joint and also an extension. Friend will need to remove the battery and the 3 electric connections. The battery should currently be disconnected as soon as you de-energized the air bags. The bolt and nut that are in the center are “easily” available from the bottom of the truck. The seed on the fire wall surface that is closest come the driver is a pain, I got to the by jamming my hand in there, it could be accessible from the bottom. You should now have sufficient wiggle room to relocate the HVAC core a bit. Disconnect the cable indigenous the bottom that the core. Be cautious not to move the core also much, since the AC is still connected. The blower control module demands to be slid to the vehicle drivers side come unlock it. Then pull it towards the fire wall surface and rotate it, it have to now be free to drop it down the back. Now is a an excellent time to inspect and vacuum out any kind of dust. You can conveniently remove the electrical heater core and inspect for dust and blockage.11. Environment is backwards.12. Torque every the bolts down to specification, remember the wait bags space attached come the dashboard and also these are safety items. Also the manual recommends to buy a new bolt because that the steering wheel coupling.13. Ns did this in mine garage in one day including breaks, beer and also checking fluids on all my vehicles.14. Removed the dashboard was less complicated than the bolts in the engine bay.Hope this helps, its quickly done with simple hand tools. Simply read and understand the organization manual and also keep in psychic my changes above.

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That pretty straightforward in hindsight.Note: your truck may be different, the above is info only. Use at your own risk.