The Escape is among the couple of small SUVs the still looks like a truck. Its square shape gives excellent all-around visibility and also interior space.

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2011 Ford Escape.
The escape comes v a 4-cylinder or V6 engine, in a front- or all-wheel journey configuration. It drives comfortably and is an extremely practical inside, i m sorry is why it was the best selling tiny SUV for numerous years. A offered Ford escape is not an extremely expensive, however what are the common problems and how expensive room the repairs? What model is better, 4-cylinder or V6? We"ve excellent our research and also will shot answering these questions: Reported problems: A former ABS sensor ring (tone ring) may break causing the ABS irradiate to come on and also the traction regulate acting erratically. See the photo. The ton ring replacement is not an extremely expensive ($15-25 part plus $80-$180 labor).
Rust damages to the rear 4 minutes 1 panels and tailgate is often mentioned by the owners in the Rust Belt. Front guide bar web links go negative often bring about a knocking noise indigenous the front end when driving gradually over tiny bumps. Again, it"s straightforward and cheap repair: $150-$230 (parts and labor). This thread explains the DIY repair. Corrosion in ~ the liftgate relax switch can reason the rear glass or the liftgate not to open from the outside. The relax switch is the switch located under the liftgate chrome bezel that you press to open up the liftgate or the behind glass. The switch is also inexpensive ($25 at RockAuto) and is simple to replace. The hinges that organize the liftgate glass can likewise corrode in the Rust Belt. If you check out the traces the corrosion around the hinges, have them checked, together a negative hinge could separate developing a safety hazard. A pair the aftermarket hinges expenses from $30 to $70; the replacement is not an extremely expensive. Watch these YouTube videos for more info. If her A/C blower engine works only in 3-rd and also 4-th speed, it"s very likely that the blower engine resistor has actually failed. The component costs indigenous $30 come $60; aftermarket components are cheaper. The blower engine resistor is located on peak of the HVAC duct behind the glove box and also is simple to replace.
plenty of owners point out the leaking left axle obelisk seal in the 2009-2012 Escapes. Symptoms encompass dropped transmission fluid level and fluid leak on the driveway, in the left former area. The repair involves replacing the seal, inside CV-joint housing and possible axle bushing. The fix kit is available from a Ford dealer. This repair expense $350-$620. The check Engine light through the code p0171 might be brought about by a contaminated MAF sensor. Cleaning the sensor normally helps. blend door actuators can make a buzzing noise in the 2008-2009 Ford escape hybrid. Failed mix door actuators should be replaced. throttle body problems are not unusual too, but according to countless sources, Ford has extended the accelerator body warranty coverage come 10 year or 150,000 miles. Read much more at the NHTSA website. Ford additionally issued number of recalls the you also can check at the NHTSA website. there are plenty of reports of infection failures at greater mileage, particularly in 2008, 2009 models. Instead of the transmission v a supplied unit will price from $1,400 come $2,300. A variety of owners mentioned difficulties with electric power steering even after the recall 14S05 has actually been done. The repair is expensive if out of warranty. Mechanical: The escape comes through a 2.3L or indigenous 2009, 2.5L 4-cylinder engine or a 3.0L V6. Transmission choices include a 4-speed or indigenous 2009, 6-speed automatic. A an extremely rare 5-speed hand-operated transmission is only accessible on 4-cylinder front-wheel drive models.
Ford escape 2011 interior.
Ford to escape was occurred in association through Mazda and also runs top top a front-wheel drive platform v optional all-wheel drive. It has an electric power steering and also independent suspension at all 4 wheels, through struts in the front and coil springs in the back. In every non-hybrid models, rear brakes are drums. Engines: Both the 2.3L and also 2.5L inline-4 room Mazda-sourced engines. Both are proven an extremely durable and also mostly trouble-free. The 3.0L Ford V6 is also a pretty great engine. There were some concerns with VCT solenoids in 2009 V6 models, however other 보다 that, it"s a an excellent engine. All three Escape engines have a time chain, over there is no timing belt. Handling and also ride: The escape drives really comfortably. Visibility is excellent and also even the 4-cylinder engine feels quite peppy. The just minus is a fair amount that road and also engine noise. The Escape"s 4WD device is helpful on snowy roads, but it"s no something you deserve to use on an off-road trail. Fuel usage
Ford escape EPA Fuel Economy: mpg city/hwy L/100 kilometres city/hwy
2010-2012 FWD 4-cyl auto 21/28 11.2/8.4
2009 FWD 4-cyl auto 20/28 11.8/8.4
2008 FWD 4-cyl auto 20/26 11.8/9.0
2012 AWD 4-cyl auto 20/27 11.8/8.7
2010-2011 AWD 4-cyl auto 20/26 11.8/9.0
2009 AWD 4-cyl auto 19/25 12.4/9.4
2008 AWD 4-cyl auto 19/24 12.4/9.8
2010-2012 FWD V6 auto 19/25 12.4/9.4
2009 FWD V6 auto 18/26 13.1/9.0
2008 FWD V6 auto 18/24 13.1/9.8
2010-2012 AWD V6 auto 18/23 13.1/10.2
2009 AWD V6 auto 17/24 13.8/9.8
2008 AWD V6 auto 17/22 13.8/10.7
Fuel Economy: The 2009-2011 front-wheel journey Escape Hybrid is rated in ~ 34/31 mpg, which makes it the most fuel-efficient SUV among 2008-2011 models. However, they are rare to find; just 4 percent of all Escapes on the used car market space hybrids. top top the other hand, around one third of all Escapes room front-wheel drive 4-cylinder models, the are likewise very good on gas. On a long highway trip, the FWD 4-cylinder Ford to escape can get up come 430 miles (692 km) to a tank. Pros: Optimum size, truck-like styling, terrific visibility, useful interior, plenty of cargo space, liftgate glass opens separately, accessible SYNC, fuel economy for FWD 4-cylinder models, powerful optional V6, affordable price. Cons: infection problems, inner materials might be better, questionable reliability, road noise, stains ~ above the seat fabric are difficult to clean. Related reviews: Ford traveler 2006-2010 evaluation Toyota RAV4 2006-2012 testimonial Honda CR-V 2007-2011 evaluation Nissan Rogue 2008-2013 review Jeep Patriot 2007-2017 testimonial Ford to escape 2013-2019 review Overall: together of September 2021, customer Reports rated the 2009 and 2012 escape "average" for reliability; other version years of this generation room rated "below average".
Ford escape V6 3.0L engine.

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top top the add to side, it"s a reasonable-priced, comfortable, handy truck, and also the upright form provides an excellent visibility. The Escape electric power steering troubles were a significant concern. Ford approve a recall in might 2014 to attend to the issue, but we uncovered several complaints about power steering difficulties even after the recall has been done. The repair is expensive. Transmission concerns are likewise costly. If you room buying a pre-owned Ford Escape, you might want to pay particular attention to the way the transmission shifts throughout the test drive. The 2008 and also 2009 escape received more transmission complaints than other design years and should most likely be avoided. FWD or AWD? 4 cylinder or V6? The 2010-2011 front-wheel drive 4-cylinder models space much far better on gas. The V6 is no bad, yet it"s a great idea to protect against 2009 V6 Escapes, together there were part expensive flaws with the VCT solenoids that were solved in later models. An additional minus the the V6 is that occasionally one the the ignition coils could fail and also it can be rather expensive to replace coils and spark plugs top top the rear cylinder financial institution in a V6. The 4-cylinder engine is cheaper come maintain and also requires less repairs. The Escape"s AWD mechanism is basic and mostly trouble-free.