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I constantly check my oil cold in the to be on both cars. That method all that the oil in the top end has run into the oil pan.When the is warmed up over there is not that much difference in volume between cold & hot.
Most of the time I"ve review to measure when warm, while over there is a slim coating approximately the engine. Ns agree that volume the a liquid does not readjust much with temperature. Strangely, there to be one BMW of one acquaintance the mine that said to measure cold, I"m guessing it was an E46?
This pisses me off so much!!!! I dislike friggin other civilization touch my automobile enough and then you would certainly think a Cadillac dealer through supposedly Cadillac trained technicians would be instructed to kind in everything VIN and also information pops up together of what to execute for the company listed. Choose how many quarts and also what form of oil to use. Finish rant.Luckily, at my dealership there is a mechanic there i super trust. The restores 60"s and 70"s Vettes in his spare time. So come me, that claims something.
Luckily our V doesn"t acquire much use to cause harm if they go overfill! (I open minded didn"t check. Ns was impressed with how my tires were no touched/were left at the correct pressures.) We"re at just about 5k ~ above the ODO.

Beware. The second gen (2009-2015) CTS-V engine takes 6 quarts that oil. The very first gen (2004-2007) CTS-V"s engine take away 7 quarts that oil (different oil pan). If 7 quarts were placed in a 2nd gen CTS-V"s engine, that"s one overfill that is not good for the engine, strength output and fuel economy. I had actually my Cadillac Dealer make this mistake with my 2011 CTS-V.
The first gen V bring away "6qts + oil filter capacity", so it end up being much more like 6.5-ish (obviously depending upon what filter you use).You would have to overfill by a many (more 보다 the ≤ 1qt we"re talking around here) to cause any kind of problems.
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