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Hello,Newbie to the plank here yet have been RV"ing for numerous years. Here is mine dilemma: I right now have a 2003 Ford F350 Crewcab Diesel that i bought new. In spite of much publicized concerns, it"s been an excellent to me. The many expensive fix to day has to be cleaning the turbo, ns think the ran around $1500. Maintenance has actually been expensive though. That just comes through the diesel territory. Ns get around 16 mpg blended driving, much less than 10 while towing. It traction my 9600Lb GVW travel Trailer an extremely nice.The difficulty is that we bought a cabin last fall and really don"t anticipate driving the truck much anymore. In reality I simply fired it up and drove it roughly after it satellite for 6 weeks. The local dealer mechanic just told me that having actually the van sit for 6 main is not a great idea v the Ford 6.0 because of a selection of things, including the variable key vanes in the turbo, which have the right to rust up. Apparently diesels like to it is in driven and worked. Ns am really nervous the this van will cost me a bunch of money under the road since of it sitting and also that over there is just much more to break through the diesel. So i am thinking about trading the in for a Chevy 3500 to express Passenger Van. The 6 liter gas motor v the 4:10 deserve to pull 9700 pounds (2006 design year, about the year I suppose to buy). So the puts me right there in ~ the max. Although ns don"t have actually a large family, I deserve to think of numerous instances when having a passenger van might be both fun and also handy. However if anyone can tell me just how the to express tows, that would be great. Ns anticipate towing 4 or 5 time a year, much less than 200 miles far each time.In the finish what ns am hoping because that is a auto which will tow the camper, but will tolerate periods of non-use, be relatively cheap come maintain and not surprised me v a large repair bill down the road. Switching from diesel to gas and 4wd to 2wd will help I think. But I to be worried that I will regret my decision down the road.Sorry, ns am getting a little windy here. Thanks.

The 6.0 with 4.10"s will be many of power and also SUV"s and also vans tow good but I"d it is in concerned around your trailer weight. If you ever get it close to the 9600 note it will more than likely prove to it is in a small much for the 9700# limit of the van. Swaying and tongue weight might get the ideal of the vehicle. The 6.0 in mine uncles 04 2500HD right gets right into the teens for north mileage and 6-7 towing 11,000#"s. If my find was exactly I discovered the max trailer weight for her truck to be 12,500, the move to a lesser tow car will most likely prove your
shinysimon said:
But i am worried the I will regret mine decision under the road.
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theory. I would certainly think a weekly trip around town in her truck to store it happy would certainly be easier than convert to a lesser tow auto that might have it"s own troubles with sit also. This truck has actually proven chin to you, ns wouldn"t desire to start almost everywhere with another.

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glockholiday said:
I would certainly think a weekly trip roughly town in her truck to keep it happy would certainly be easier than switching to a lesser tow automobile that might have it"s own problems with sitting also. This truck has proven chin to you, ns wouldn"t want to start all over with another.
For what that worth, ns concur through that statement. The is the specific reason i still have actually my "97 F350. Ns "want" a new one, but it sits in the winter ALOT and also I simply can"t see something new with a payment just sitting there. Not sure wher you room located, yet going native a 4WD to a 2WD may be a mistake as well?IN Edit: Kinda funny my sig states truck has 160K. Really at 156K and also I rounded up, but it just doesn"t get the miles that include up. Yet my beater with a heater again demands to be updated to
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FWIW I"d imply putting a "smart" trickle charger on any type of vehicle that consistently sits around for a week or 2 not gift driven. A friend states that in his trial and error a diesel pickup with an Allison transmission offers 125 mAmps every hour or 3 amps per day. Through a 80 amp hour battery that doesn"t take too lengthy for the battery to end up being discharged low enough that friend will acquire a substantially much shorter battery life.(My cousin through the Corvette Z06 has actually a comparable problem however he claimed it would certainly be completely dead in 10 days. He also said it was method too much horse power because that him. Following time I"m visiting I have to ask him how plenty of tickets he has actually received. Assuming that still has actually his chauffeurs license. five yeah, and he"s 61 and also enjoying the an excellent life.)

You additionally need to calculate the load of all the passengers you could have in that van if towing. The gross automobile weight of the valve only includes one 154# driver and a complete tank the gas. If girlfriend add much more people or "stuff" you require to add that come the load of the van and subtract the amount turn off of the merged gross vehicle weight the the trailer and also the van.I"m kinda like the rest of the fellas. I"d just keep that reliable truck running: If it ain"t broke, don"t solve it. Marsha~
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Yep, girlfriend guys have actually been reaffirming the direction I have actually been leaning. On the surface ar it seemed prefer a good idea, but I can miss the ol" beast. And since I acquired some poor sticker shock the various other day while at the dealer, I recognize that it will be pretty dang i can not qualify I"ll it is in driving residence a new one any time soon. Or ever.I live in Minnesota therefore the 4 wheel journey is quite nice as soon as in a while.Thanks because that the thoughtfull responses, this yes, really is a familiar place!

We have a 3 year old 3500 to express Van that runs from house to Orlando quite typically hauling produce inside and also on a trailer. Mine son-in-law loves the 6.0 together he claims it really pulls. I had actually a 3500 chevy 6.0 in an refer van reduced out that had actually a 29 foot coach on it and it towed the Jeep Liberty very well also in the mountains of Colorado and new Mexico. Biggest difficulty we have actually on the company van is tires.

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I think it is great tow vehicle. I have a 2003 3500 cargo van v the 6.0 v8. The now has actually 103,000 miles on it and also runs beautifully. For the previous 3 years we have actually pulled ours 7,000 lb TT anywhere the country, up and down mountains, through hot and also cold weather and also through wind, rain and also snow. This van is a workhorse. You must be careful with a couple of things, though. 1) make damned certain you have actually the best hitch for what you space pulling. We tried 3 prior to we uncovered the best one, the Husky Centerpoint (I think that"s what the is called). We had actually trouble through both the Equalizer (the stole brackets on the TT railer bend and almost broke on 2 ocassions) and the Reese twin cam sway control (the persuade was almost uncontrolable). The Husky is great, no sway at every and good weight distribution. I highly recommend the chevy Express and also we room considering obtaining a new one. I think they are the ideal of the vans. I taken into consideration the NIssan NV tall van but they don"t have actually the towing capacity that the refer does. The only means you get much more towing capacity 보다 an refer (unless you get the durmax diesel engine) is to gain the large Ford, Chevy or evade pickup trucks. If the to express has about a 10,000 lb towing capacity, the large pickups go together high as 24,000.