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Does anyone know just how much equipment oil the 6 rate takes? I"d like to change mine to one of two people Mobil One or Redline. Any suggestions top top fluids from an individual experience?
tranny fluidI think it takes 3 3/8 quarts yet the volume is listed in the owner manual. I have had actually mobil 1 in my car since the day i bought it I choose it, yet its not recomended through nissan though since it has actually a gl5 rating and also they recomend a gl4. Redline has actually a gl4 rating se-r 300whp level black terror92 se-r Sr20VE it is provided DD
2.3 liters, or 2.2 quarts. The is every I might fit in mine.The owners manual has actually a misprint in that section.
Yeah, I checked the manual it says 4.9qts (I think). That appeared a bit high come me. So if ns buy 3 quarts I must be an excellent to go. Did you have any trouble refilling it? What walk you usage to refill?
fluid change
I go mine through my sucker device that fits in the optimal of the bottle and pumps the liquid up into the infection (I have a accessibility to a lift). Ns bought three quarts and only used two and a tiny little bit of the third. And if you didn"t know, girlfriend will need a 10mm allen wrench-type tool to eliminate the drain and also fill plugs. Great luck, and also don"t get any type of on ya! - that is all about the 2002+ SE-R and the great Spec-V!!! - full of images of the 2002+ SE-R and the great Spec-V!!!My Car
Fluid adjust and GL Rating
I"m was just doing some research on GL ratings of transmission fluids/gear oils. Nissan recommends a GL4 rating. Many articles are speak a GL5 rating (which Mobil one gear oil has) is as well slippery and can in reality accelerate synchro wear. I"m changing it already because that clunky changing so perhaps the GL5 rating might be far better since it"s kind of rough anyhow. Any type of thoughts?
mobil one
the shifter feels much less chunky through the gl5 rated oil. I have actually mobil one since I have actually broken more than one tranny in assorted cars, yet my spec v appears to be fine. As for the synchro wear it depends on the product that the synchros room made that some products will wear much more than others.

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I stuck to a GL4 oil. Redline MT90. The barely helped transition quality. Slow shifting sucks. Redline shifting seems alright htough.All you should fill the is a funnel and around 2 feet the hose. It"s a lot much easier to execute it from the top. When you begin on the third quart, the will begin to drip out. Then just plug it up and also you"re done.
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