There are various reasons because that needing to eliminate the door panels in your 2009-2014 Ford F-150 — to replace your speakers, repair a broken door handle, replace a busted window, etc. You will only require a couple of common tools and also a few minutes to remove your door panels and also gain accessibility to the inside of the door and all of the door mechanisms. If this isn’t a complicated job, that is important to follow the right procedures to stop breaking your inner door panels and the plastic mounting hooks.

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Tools essential to eliminate Your inside Door Panels:

These are the straightforward tools you will need to complete the project:

6 mm socket 8 mm socket Ratchet or drill & adapter Hooked or pronged tool for pulling tiny flathead screwdriver for prying plastic covers A flashlight or floor irradiate

Depending ~ above what you will be doing when the door panel is off — for example, if you room replacing speakers or the handle — you might need other particular tools as well.

Steps to remove Your F-150’s within Door Panel:

Follow these procedures in the correct order come ensure your door dashboard is loose before attempting to lift it off to avoid damage. Us suggest totally disconnecting every one of the move connectors in ~ the finish to completely remove the door panel. Leaving that hanging when you job-related on the door can damages the switches and wiring:

Pry up the tiny rectangular cover panel in the bottom that the door traction to accessibility the bolt.
Remove the bolt making use of the 8 mm socket.
Pull the end the plastic cover behind the door handle using the hooked/pronged tool by pulling the manage out and also inserting the hooked device behind it. A hooked device will keep you from scratching the door panel around the handle.


You can now completely remove your door panel and set it aside. Re-install your 2009-2014 Ford F-150 door dashboard in the turning back order as soon as you have actually completed your other repairs or speaker replacement.

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Consider the following experienced tips together you remove your Ford truck door panels:

Never force your panel: If you feel far-ranging resistance, protect against to verify the all bolts space removed and your plastic tabs aren’t stuck. Shot gently wiggling or seesawing your door dashboard to work it loose. Take treatment to usage the ideal size socket on your bolts: The heads of these little bolts can conveniently be stripped, make it challenging to remove them or reinstall them afterward. Test all switches and also connections before fully reinstalling the door panel: If her connectors aren’t effectively engaged before you reinstall the panel, girlfriend will need to remove that again to affix them properly.

Tips for common Repairs:

Once her inner door dashboard is off, friend have access to the window, background mechanism, speaker and other components of your door. Below are a couple of tips for common repairs:

home window glass: when removing your window glass, make sure it is in the up position and also secured in location — tape works well — so that you have the right to unbolt the glass channel. Throughout the removal process, it might be crucial to lower and raise the window slightly through hand — this is most basic if you have actually someone helping you. The bolts because that the glass channel are located on red squares — for basic identification. If you are replacing a broken home window glass, make certain you remove all piece from within the door through a shop vacuum. speaker replacement: Avoid touching the document element during installation. Hand-tighten all four speaker bolts prior to securing fully to ensure ideal seating and also positioning the the speak in the door. Door handle mechanisms: when replacing her door handle, grease the device to be specific it is relocating freely.

If friend have any kind of questions, ours team is always happy to help.

We invite you to share her tips ~ above 2009-2014 Ford F-150 door dashboard removal in the comments below!