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New to this forum. I have actually a 2008 Town and Country through 90k. That has had actually a P0131 Oxygen Sensor Circuit low Voltage (Bank 1, Sensor 1) off and also on for a couple of weeks. Runs fine, gas mileage seems normal however the engine has a slightly turbulent idle. Go anyone understand how countless o2 sensors this version has? i see two at the front of the engine (facing radiator) and also look reasonably easy to get to however I can"t see any kind of towards the firewall side of the engine. Not certain where bank 1 sensor 1 is. Any aid would be significantly appreciated :Wow1:
Welcome come the site!This 1/1 sensor is going to it is in the one closest come the head on the rear bank/firewall side. It"s on top of the cat.You must have the 4.0L, that would describe sensors on the prior bank and also the rear.
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This info uses to mine 2009 GC v a 3.8Cylinder bank number one is the financial institution that includes number one cylinder.This is for a 3.8 - both sensors are in financial institution number one (the one close to the firewall)The very first oxygen sensor in cylinder financial institution # 1 is numbered O2 Sensor 1/1.The second oxygen sensor in cylinder bank # 1 is numbered O2 Sensor 1/2.

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==========================================================I had actually to address this once I had my Hyundai Santa Fe with a V6 - it had 4 oxygen sensors - like thisIt has sensors in both bank1 and bank2

Thanks because that both her responses. Any type of suggestions on what sensors come buy. I have put lock on a couple of Volvos before and also know they only liked oem. The bosche offered me problems.
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