Stock wheel offset

34 come 45 mm

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Center boring (hub bore)


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Thread size

M12 x 1.5

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Stock Rim sizes Range

15x6.0 – 20x8.0

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Tire sizes195/70 R14, 195/60 R15, 195/65 R15, 215/45 R17, 225/50 R17, 215/45 R18, 225/40 R18, 215/35 R19, 225/35 R19, 225/40 R19, 225/30 R20

Chevrolet Cobalt Bolt Pattern overcome Reference and Wheel Sizes

You likely recognize that many rims room none auto specific. In various other words, we can readjust them from Cobalt to one more car and vice versa. But not all rims room a bolt-on fitment for her Cobalt studs. If you desire to be sure about fitment, consider a variety of important factors. The most significant thing the you have to do is compare her Cobalt bolt pattern with the one top top the wheel the you want to buy. Sometimes, you may have to know the stud or bolt pattern details to come up through the ideal solution. Choose the make, model, and the year of your auto to obtain the information about the bolt pattern.

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Wheel bolt is the diameter the an imagine circle the the centers of the wheel lugs or bolt feet form. Sometimes, you"ll find world referring to it as bolt circle, lug pattern, or lug circle. There are a couple of other names as well though. Remember the a wheel bolt of 5 through 4.5 refers to a 5 bolt pattern through a diameter that 4.5 inches. Exactly how to readjust bolt pattern? usage Adapters


How bolt pattern is measured

Measure center-to-center on lugs throughout each other if you"ve acquired an even variety of lugs. However, don’t execute that if there space an odd number of lugs. Measure up the dimension of the diameter from the facility of one lug come the external edge the the hole. You’ll many likely get the best an outcome if you execute this diagonally throughout the hole.

Check the Bolt pattern Torque Specifications

Install your alloy wheels making use of a talk wrench. And also consult your owner’s hands-on for exact specifications.After a test drive, you have to recheck the talk specifications. This way, you’ll efficiently mitigate the hazard to torque her lug nuts or bolts falsely. The vibrations and rigors of steering can easily loosen the bolt or nut and also cause you numerous avoidable problems. Re-torque your wheel lugs after ~ driving the first 50-to-100 mile whenever you’re installing your new wheels.

What’s the appropriate Wheel Dimension

4 vital measurements will aid you to gain the ideal wheel size. Find castle here:

Chevrolet Cobalt in salt diameter

Look at the area whereby your tire beads seat. Steps the yes, really diameter of your wheel the rests in ~ that specific point.

Rim width

Gauges the length of the distance that spans indigenous the within of the external lip in ~ the bead the seat ~ above the inner lip to discover the rim width. Change Wheel offset by utilizing Wheel Spacers



Measures the street from the within of your wheel at the an ar where it contact the essential parts favor the axle flange, the brake, and the hub to the within edge of the wheel.

Chevrolet Cobalt Bolt Pattern

Measures the diameter of an imaginary circle the the wheel lugs or bolt holes create. How to change lug pattern? use Adapters


Wheel Offset

What is this? The street that arrays from the wheel’s mounting surface ar to the actual centerline the the rim is what civilization call the wheel offset. If you desire a confident offset, all you have to do is to position the mounting surface ar of the wheel in front of your rim or tire assembly’s actual facility line. In effect, you’ll watch the tires come right into the fender fine more.A an unfavorable offset, ~ above the other hand, will carry your tire to stick the end away native the car. This occurs once the mounting surface gets positioned behind the really centerline of your tire assembly or the rim. Adjust wheel offset by using Wheel Spacers


What’s the meaning of the hub center bore?

This particular bore straight relates to the facility holes in your car’s wheels that facility the wheel on the vehicle. Many wheels on the auto industry have huge center bores to make them compatible with practically any kind of vehicle. That’s the reason you might need a hub ring. Your automobile may call for a smaller facility bore, and there’s no much better solution than this. These difficult plastic or steel rings will help you to perfectly center your wheels on the hubs and also eliminate situations of run outs. How to right rims with bigger centre bore? use Hub Centric Rings

.Here are an important factors that you need to consider:

Thread Size

Lug Nuts

size. Steps your thread diameter, her thread length, and also your object pitch. Document the diameter of your thread, the first digit, in millimeters.

Rim size Range

Gauges the allowable borders of your wheels diameter and the width the matches a specific vehicle to uncover the suitable rim size range. Shot Hubcaps

to readjust the look of your wheels.

Custom Rim dimension Range

It’s the perfect resource of info on both the lower and upper limits of the rims your particular car is maybe to incorporate in contrast to the specifications the the manufacturer has provided. We’re here, prepared and ready to assist you select the appropriate aftermarket wheels

if you no happy with your share wheels.

Tire Size

Considers all the possible options the the tire dimension that might perfectly fit into your Chevrolet Cobalt.

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Tire press importance

A digital tire pressure gauge is a must-have device for check the tires pressure and also keeping it in ~ a permit range. You can easily measure the pressure once the visual examination that the wheel evoked a shade of doubt. Quiet don"t have actually one? review the finest digital tire push gauges developing a perfect seal v the valve stem there is no leaking air, even at night times. Find a perfect mix by choosing the right automobile air compressor to control the push in deflated or over-inflated tires.