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I desire to readjust my transmission liquid on my 2009 2.5 Altima 6MT. I found a very detailed write up top top Nicoclub however it was for the 3.5 Altima coupe. Would it be the exact same procedure for my 2.5 sedan? Here"s the nicoclub subject a bunch

The FSM because that the 2009 Altima M/T reflects one procedure that uses to both the 2.5 and the 3.5 engines, for this reason his write-up would certainly be great for your car. I favor his idea of using a mix the the fluid. Redline gear oil is excellent stuff.

Thanks rogoman. I think redline makes 75w-85 now , i beg your pardon is what he was trying to attain by mixing, I believe . So ns wouldn"t need to worry about mixing appropriate ? I could just usage the redline man-made 75w-85

Yes! it looks choose Redline now offers Red heat MTL 75W80 equipment Oil which is GL-4. No much more mixing and no worries!
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