Engine or infection Mount instead of Service

How much does a Engine or transmission Mount instead of cost?

On average, the cost for a Dodge cool Caravan Engine or transmission Mount instead of is $238 with $96 because that parts and also $142 for labor. Prices might vary depending upon your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2010 Dodge grand CaravanV6-3.3LService typeEngine or transmission Mount ReplacementEstimate$945.02Shop/Dealer Price$1143.78 - $1695.07
2002 Dodge cool CaravanV6-3.8LService typeEngine or transmission Mount ReplacementEstimate$685.10Shop/Dealer Price$828.92 - $1215.29
1997 Dodge grand CaravanL4-2.4LService typeEngine or transmission Mount ReplacementEstimate$603.96Shop/Dealer Price$727.49 - $1053.00
1993 Dodge grand CaravanV6-3.3LService typeEngine or infection Mount ReplacementEstimate$716.13Shop/Dealer Price$859.41 - $1230.77
1999 Dodge grand CaravanV6-3.0LService typeEngine or infection Mount ReplacementEstimate$650.53Shop/Dealer Price$777.51 - $1099.75
2009 Dodge grand CaravanV6-4.0LService typeEngine or infection Mount ReplacementEstimate$866.62Shop/Dealer Price$1055.82 - $1578.32
1987 Dodge grand CaravanL4-2.5LService typeEngine or transmission Mount ReplacementEstimate$633.18Shop/Dealer Price$759.73 - $1092.69
1999 Dodge grand CaravanV6-3.8LService typeEngine or infection Mount ReplacementEstimate$603.54Shop/Dealer Price$724.94 - $1042.99

What is the Engine Mount all about?

An engine mount, make of rubber and steel, has two purposes. One, the secures the engine and transmission to the frame of the car, and two, the absorbs the roadway shocks and engine vibrations so that the driver does not feel any type of engine movement. Transmission mounts for sure the transmission.

Most cars have multiple engine and transmission mounts. If one of the mounts breaks, you will feel far-reaching engine movement (vibrations and/or shaking).


Keep in mind:

Do not drive your automobile for too lengthy with broken engine or transmission mounts. It can reason severe damage to the axle shafts and also transmission. Some engine mounts contain oil that might leak if a mountain is damaged.

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Our recommendation:

Whenever you an alert your engine behaving oddly, you must schedule an inspection. Engine mounts space not commonly checked during general maintenance, but they’ll be one of the very first things checked if friend report the symptoms pointed out here. As shortly as you an alert your engine vibrating, feeling clunky, or being noisy, schedule one inspection.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Engine Mount?

Engine or infection movement, v bumping or clunking noises.Loud noise when you put the automobile in gear.Vibration when accelerating or steering uphill.You will feel a activity in the engine compartment once driving the car.Oil leaking native damaged mount (only in instance of liquid filled mounts).

How important is this service?

Engine mounts organize your engine and transmission in place. The mounts absorb the shocks of the road and also the vibration that the engine and also transmission, and also keep this two facets securely in place. Once a mount brakes, the engine and transmission are much less secure, and also they’re subject to a higher amount that vibration and shock. This can reason damage come any variety of vehicle components, and also will also make your ride lot rougher.