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I gained the Caddy earlier in feb that 2013 with just 66k miles. Now the fuel pump relay keeps burn up that the very same prong that keeps burning. The dealership desires 160 just to inspect it i beg your pardon is bs. I created one experienced online he was saying the it to be the mrs connector whereby the relay go which was loose, so ns bent the the connectors foward which offered it a far better contact but its still getting hot together hell n in ~ idle feels favor its around to give. I currently been through like 4 relays in a month. I need one of my Cadillac Forum bros to help me out v this one.:thepan:
Re: 2008 Cadillac DTS fuel pump relay keeps burn upbad link will do that every time try squeezing the link thats burned alot tighter together so that it is really tight come the relay when you placed a new one in if it doesnt work-related replace the problem connection with one that does or replace the fuse box if you have actually a junk yard close buy get one from one more from a caddy btw sweet ride
Re: 2008 Cadillac DTS fuel pump relay keeps burn up
Read this thread can add a Bosch relay there is no replacing the fuse box
Big caddy I"m gonna shot that out bro----------Danog ns wanna rewire it but it appears there"s just one cable going right into the fuse crate for the fuel pump relay. I"m guessing the rest is wired inside package some where.

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Re: 2008 Cadillac DTS fuel pump relay keeps burning up
Even if you checked out a dealer and paid the diagnosis money, you could have difficulties convincing them to carry out repairs - they"ll avoid as quickly as they see the jury-rigged wires jammed right into the 30A and also the 5A fuse sockets. Someone has actually grossly messed increase the fuse box - that might be many of your difficulty right there.If who tried to insert an additional wire in the warm side of the pump relay sockets and jam in a relay, that has bent the socket clamp fingers open and you have a high resistance link = fire or scorched relay(s).The crude mess of cable ends sticking out of the fuse box hopeful (red) feeding isn"t helping, either.These cars space insanely demanding of perfect wiring practices - till all that"s corrected you"re grasping in ~ straws.EDIT: Zooming in top top those pictures, several of the sockets in that fuse/relay box room damaged beyond repair. Time come head because that the junkyard - exact same car/year/model - and replace the box and also make proper connections. The fuel pump suck up a ton of electrical existing (It"s advertise gas in ~ 47 psi) and it runs the whole time the engine is to run - therefore every connection in the circuit needs to be perfect. There are several huge electrical connectors behind the fuse/relay box.----------You"ll spend a lot of time and money correcting someone"s electric mistakes. Spend some of the money on a subscription come so girlfriend can access the wiring diagrams in stimulate to get the ideal ignition and also hot wires you need to run all the aftermarket installs - What"s the oval black color box under the fuse/relay box ?? If it"s one aftermarket alert or far start, that can be the cause of a the majority of weird electric problems, too - like horns honking, lamp flashing, trunks opening, and dead batteries.