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Anyone who drives on north American roads will check out Sport energy Vehicles (SUV) in the typical style of united state vehicles the this type, which are exotic in Europe as new and offered vehicles.

Like other Japanese manufacturers, the car designer Honda began developing its very own premium strategy in the mid-1980s, which was specially tailored come the high-turnover industries in north America. Because that this purpose, Honda started a new brand v Acura in 1986, which need to cover the segment the luxuriously equipped and also sporty engine- models the the middle and upper class.

The concept implemented with the TL confirmed to be effective in developing Acura together a luxury Honda brand in the north American market. The TL occurred into the bestsellers that an import brand in the mid-size premium model segment. In ~ the very same time, the TL, available from 1996 to 2015, to be the version that Acura retained in its variety the longest, before the TLX, a visually and technically essentially modernized successor. In the food of the development of the 4 different building generations, the limousines the the TL series were quickly to a particular extent perceived as standards in the range. In this way, the TL made an essential contribution to developing the Acura brand in America as a provider the high-quality sedans v sporty demands.


1996 1997 1998 Acura TL Transmission liquid Capacity

TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
4-speed M1WA automatic transmissionTotal to fill 7.2 litres (7.6 quarts)SL040
4-speed M5HA automatically transmissionTotal fill 7.2 litres (7.6 quarts)SL040


1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Acura TL Transmission fluid Capacity

TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
5-speed M7WA automatic transmissionTotal fill 7.2 litres (7.6 quarts)SL040


TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
DEC6 6-speed hands-on transmission2.2 litres (2.4 quarts)GLS43
5-speed BDGA automatic transmissionTotal fill 7 litres (7.4 quarts)SL040


TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
5-speed BK3A automatically transmissionTotal fill 7.5 litres (4.9 quarts)SL040
5-speed BK4A automatic transmissionTotal fill 7.7 litres (8.1 quarts)SL040
6-speed MMGA automatic transmissionTotal fill 7.1 litres (7.5 quarts)SL001
6-speed MMHA automatically transmissionTotal to fill 8 litres (8.5 quarts)SL001
K6M8 6-speed manual transmission2.1 litres (2.3 quarts)GLS43


Short model cycles, technological upgrades and a brand-new design through every model readjust – the TL to be exemplary for this Acura strategy. Since as early on as 2003, the Japanese gift a visually greatly modified 3rd generation of the TL, which stayed in the variety in this form until 2008. Narrow headlight slots, a discreetly held radiator grille and also a significantly higher body v a massive rear characterized the TL the this time.

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And the upgrade was additionally noticeable in the engine: the flagship’s V6 engine stayed the only unit in the range, i beg your pardon was available in two output levels v values ​​of approximately 213 kW (290 hp). In the year from 2009 come 2014, the critical TL generation rolled turn off the assembly heat in the USA, which because that the an initial time offered a sporty choice with hand-operated transmission in enhancement to an all-wheel-drive model.