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I have a 2007 Vulcan 900 Custom and I need to adjust the oil. Ns don"t have actually a manual and I"m wondering what oil weight I must use. Also, anyone know how numerous quarts that oil this bike takes when also transforming the filter?The original owner supplied Amsoil in the so I"m planning on proceeding with that. They sell three weights 30, 40 and 50.....Any thoughts?Thanks!
Hey........10/40 is the norm......some use 20/50.......but if u stick through the 10/40 all need to be fine...Motor bicycle specific...
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Service manual says 3.4 quarts (3.9 qts if totally dry). Might want to walk a tiny less until you start it and also circulate v the filter, climate re-check. The 900 has a tendancy to happen a little of oil v the crankcase breather right into the waiting filter area if its end filled. If you want to run Amsoil a regular poster (Bob) on right here in the Oil forum will straight ship come you at a good price. I"m to run 40 weight in Tennessee yet some think 50 load is better for really hot climates or come quiet the moving parts a little.
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I live in among those really hot climates (does 110 qualify), and I have actually not had any type of problems to speak of through 10W/40, but then i do, part who room knowledgeable 보다 myself, believe that the 20W/50 could be a little bit thick for this engine, however that additionally is hard to prove, it is water cooled and also not as susceptible to overheat together air cooled engines in this conditions. As much as brand, dino or syn, friend choose, I have my preference, as do others and I to be not below to convert or preach come the choir or start any kind of thread war"s.Ride Safe.

As TNCarters posted, walk to the Amsoil ar of this forum and talk to Bob. He will hook you up through the correct oil and also filter.
I have the hand-operated depends ~ above temperture you deserve to ue 10w40 10w50 20w50 ns am walk to usage a high high quality 20 w 50 the runs tough on highway.
I have a 2007 Vulcan 900 Custom and I require to change the oil. I don"t have a manual and also I"m wonder what oil weight I should use. Also, anyone know how numerous quarts of oil this bicycle takes when also transforming the filter?The initial owner used Amsoil in it so I"m to plan on proceeding with that. They offer three weights 30, 40 and 50.....Any thoughts?Thanks!

I"m currently running "Kawasaki" 10-40 oil. I"ve been told it"s bottled by Motul.It"s the dino juice, but I"m at this time falling for the "don"t break it in on synthetic" myth. I think automobile companies usage the "mobil 1 factory fill" to mitigate confusion though.My theory is that the artificial is too slippery and won"t permit the rings set in as quickly as would timeless oils.With the 650R ns had, i noticed smoother transmission activity and the engine ran a small smoother v Amsoil. It"s an excellent stuff.As because that filters, Amsoil filters space MADE through Wix, but ARE no Wix filters. Amsoil supplies a far better filter media. I"m to run a Hastings filter (I overcome it through the "long" Purolators) together I like Hastings/Baldwin. You can obtain them at some components stores or commercial supply houses like Granger.
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traded in and missed2009 Vulcan 900 Classic present Kawi900cc=55 cubic inchesIs there a gadget page for us 900 owners???Vulcan 900 "oily wait filter" fixGet 3-4 feet that tranny line from parts store that"s the exact same ID as the share vent line. Connect to jug, course hose approximately bottom of fuel tank about wires and ago down to airbox, cut off overabundance (leave a little slack for this reason wires space NOT under tension) and attach come airbox. Reinstall everything.

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