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Just wonder what you men recommend because that an oil filter.. I simply bought 5qt"s that Mobil 1 5W30 prolonged Performance oil.. By the watch of it, the manual has actually the wrong part # oil filter in it..

Everybody has actually their very own opinion top top the ideal filter. However some space definitely much better than others. Watch this thread--->
2006 stole Blue 5.7L HEMI limited 4x4 build Date: June 9, 2006 Hour 14Interior: Dark Slate/Light Graystone with Saddle Brown leather SeatsQuadra-Drive II, NAV, DVD, Trailer Tow team IV, Off-Road group II, remote Start, UConnect, Rear backup Camera, Chrome Wheels,Magnaflow cat-back exhaust, Daytime running Lights enabled, 2" Rough country Lift v 265/70R17 Goodyear Wrangler AT/S

Thanks for the link.. I generally use WIX filter so i guess they will certainly be fine because that my 3.7L as well..Just watched this video, WOW, ns wouldn"t placed a fram on my lawn mower..

I love wix and royal violet filters I have actually used both with an excellent sucess i will certainly say the imperial purple is heavier 보다 the wix

I love wix and also royal purple filters I have used both with great sucess i will certainly say the royal purple is heavier 보다 the wix
Yup, I have actually allways supplied the WIX filter on noþeles I had actually that to be gas. Ns just eliminated a diesel Ford truck that had to have Motorcraft filters because of a valve at the bottom the the oil filter housing.. Glad the junkbox is gone..
my poll is a clean one....but seriously tho i use Fram on mine 4.7L all the time and also have never had actually a problem
Wix for a typical filter (Napa Gold), or mobile 1/KN if you room going come run longer intervals. They both have a artificial media inside
best oil filter
in my opinion if you want the finest oil filter go with the mopar brand. You have the right to pick them up in ~ the dealer,most auto parts stores or wal-mart for choose 6bucks. Not sure around the 3.7 however my 4.7 take away part# Mo90.
It was less complicated just to pickup the WIX #51516 for this change.. I do like the high quality of the WIX filters and allways have.. Ns posted simply to make certain there wasn"t one the was no good for the 3.7L engine.. I like the bypass component of the WIX, I"ll go Mopar or WIX later I guess.. I"m simply glad I gained the Mobil 1 Extented performance 5W30 in it.. It had a POS carquest filter ~ above it and also it to be barley also screwed on and also the oil looked favor crap and it only had actually 900 mile on it..Thanks for every the input..

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Engine Oil Viscosity (3.7L/4.7L/5.7L Engines) SAE 5W-20 engine oil is recommended because that all operation temperatures. Usage Mopar or an equivalent oil conference the specification MS-6395.Be recommend Mobil Synthetics carry out not fulfill the specification MS-6395. only article this for anyone with an extended warranty.I had to go earlier and look, i was tracking this a few years ago, and also supposedly it was in experimentation 2-3 years ago, yet still not showing up on Mobil-1 data sheets. The is approved on constant Mobil non-synthetic oil. I would say the fine to use, but if you have a warranty through a Chrysler stealership, they might screw you over this. Stealerships usage Pennzoil synthetics, so it’s most likely some political issue…..
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