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I did a rotation myself two weeks ago. Ns torqued each wheel seed to 100 ft lbs. I looked this morning and found two nuts loosened from one wheel were missing. I changed a seed from an additional wheel and went full Donkey Kong on all the various other wheel nuts. What is the recommended torque? and what is the practical toque the members space using top top this forum?Sent from mine SM-G955U utilizing Tapatalk
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I believe it is 80 lbs. From various other threads. So ns am not certain what is wrong here. Perform you have actually a ar prankster? You more than likely don"t want to overtighten them either.Thankfully I gain "free" rotations in ~ Discount tire (built into the $600 Michelin price). Not sure if they"re responsible if the wheels come flying turn off on the highway though.

80 lb ft is the talk spec, I usually lean top top it simply a touch an ext after the wrench walk "click".If you went to 100 lb ft using a torque wrench, who screwed v your nuts! LOL

Page 548 of your friend, the Honda Owner"s Manual:
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80 lbf/ft is THE limit.Not 100. No a small past after it clicks. Not to a suggest where every the lugnuts are pointing in the very same direction.80 !!We are taking care of aluminum alloy wheels and over torquing them deforms the alloy. The lugnut "squeezes" the aluminum and distorts it.After the initial 100 lbf/ft did girlfriend retighten the lugs after around 50 miles of driving or so?This is a requirement due to the fact that the aluminum relaxes and also the lugnut will loosen. No a lot yet some. But allow the ease nut to expand/contract with temps and wheel heat and also " hey look I obtained wheels just like the one that passed me !"Please tell me that you walk not use an anti-seize, or oil, and the threads to be clean and dry. Any kind of lube ~ above the threads in ~ 100 will actually be about 25-30% higher. Meaning 125-130 lbf/ft.This warps rotors, destroys the seat for the lugnut in the alloys, and also for no an excellent since the extr torque does not help. Threads deserve to deform top top the lugs too. Lugs obtain stretched and are weakened.Believe the or no the engineers do gain it right and there room YEARS of data the prove you don"t need that extra oomph "just to it is in sure" and is actually more detrimental.Sorry for the rant but there are borders in place for a reason.

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