The 1997-2006 Ford expedition models come equipped through a quick-connect fuel filter. The key responsibility of the fuel filter is to keep any kind of fuel impurities native entering into the fuel injectors so just clean fuel makes it to the injectors and also the engine. Replace the fuel filter in between 60,000 and 75,000 miles. You have the right to purchase the quick-disconnect tool that girlfriend will need for this project at many auto-parts stores.

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Park the Ford expedition in a well-ventilated ar that has actually a level surface. Interact the parking brake to save the automobile from rolling.

Slowly remove the gas lid from the filler tube on the gas tank. This procedure will depressurize the fuel system and also prevent fuel indigenous spraying when the fuel lines are eliminated from the fuel filter.

Slide under the driver side of the Expedition and also locate the fuel filter, i m sorry is mounted to the framework rail directly in former of the gas tank. The fuel filter is a cylinder-shaped component through a quick-connect fuel line coming the end of each end. On slide the drip pan underneath the fuel filter.

Insert the finish of the quick-disconnect tool into the finish of among the fuel lines. Then, press the device inward into the fuel line. This will certainly release the fuel line from the fuel filter port. Pull out on the fuel line at the exact same time that the tool is gift pressed inward. Pull the fuel line directly off the fuel filter port. Relocate the tool to the other fuel line and also repeat the process.

Loosen the clamp from roughly the fuel filter with a flat-head screwdriver. Note the direction the the arrowhead on the next of the fuel filter. The brand-new fuel filter will need to be positioned v the arrow pointing in the same direction. Then, traction the fuel filter the end of the bracket and also place it right into the drip pan.

Position the new fuel filter right into the clamp v the arrowhead pointing in the proper direction. Tighten the clamp end the fuel filter through the screwdriver. Then, push both fuel lines straight onto the fuel filter ports until each line locks in place. When the present are driven far sufficient onto the ports, the plastic clips will lock inside of the fuel lines. Then, gradually pull outward on the fuel lines to ensure that each fuel heat is secured come the fuel filter ports.

Slide the drip pan out from under the Expedition and also screw the gas cap earlier onto the filler tube until it clicks.

Turn the ignition come the accessory place for around five seconds and then rotate it earlier to the turn off position. Repeat this a full of three times prior to cranking the engine.

Crank the engine and also inspect the brand-new fuel filter for signs of gas leaking roughly the fuel lines. Enable the engine to operation for about 30 seconds. Then, turn the engine off.


The arrow that is imprinted ~ above the next of the fuel filter to represent the directgion the fuel circulation through the filter. The arrow must allude toward the fuel line that is traveling to the engine.

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No smoking or open flames approximately any kind of fuel. Wear safety glasses or goggles once replacing the fuel filter. Describe state and local regulations that pertain to the discarding of provided fuel and used fuel filters. Never ever dispose the fuel ~ above the ground.