Acura motor Oil kind and Capacity

Here’s a listing for Acura motor oil form and volume for Acura vehicles. If the oil type is recent API rating, see this chart for the most present API rating and backwards compatibility

Acura motor Oil type and Specification

RDX: 2007-12 5W-30 Mobil 1 or Acura HTO-06 standard

2013-17 vehicles usage the latest API rating

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All 0thers usage the latest API rating

Acura motor Oil Viscosity Specifications

ILX: 2013-15 2.0L engine 0W-20

ILX 2013-17 2.4L engine 0W-20

ILX Hybrid: 2013-14 0W-20

MDX: 2014-17 0W-20

MDX: 2001-13 5W-20

NSX: 2017 Acura form 3 Engine Oil 0W-40

NSX: 2017 0W-40

NSX: 2001-16 over -4°F (-20°C) 10W-30 (Preferred) Acura HTO-06 standard

NSX: 2001-16 listed below 0°F (-18°C) 5W-30

RDX 2013-17 0W-20

RDX: 2001-12 5W-30

RL: 2001-10 5W-20

RL 2001-12 3.5 engine 5W-20

RLX 2014-17 0W-20

RSX ex. Form S 5W-20

TL: 2012-14 2WD 0W-20

TL: 2011-14 AWD 5W-20

TL 2001-11 3.2L engine 5W-20

TLX: 2015-17 every temperatures 0W-20

TSX:2011-14 0W-20

TSX:2009-10 5W-20

TSX: 2004-2008 5W-30

ZDX 5W-20

All 0thers 5W-30

Acura motor Oil capacity (Refill with new oil filter)

CL 3.2L engine 2001-03 4.4-L 4.6-Qt

Integra: 1.8L VTEC engine 4.0-L, 4.2-Qt

Integra: 1.8L except VTEC engine 4.0-L 4.2-QT

ILX: 2.0L engine 2013-15 3.7-L, 3.9-Qt

ILX: 2.4L engine 2016-17 4.4-L, 4.6-Qt

2013-15 4.2-L, 4.4-Qt

ILX Hybrid: 2013-14 3.6-L, 3.8-Qt

MDX: 2014-17 5.4-L, 5.7-QT

2003-13 4.3-L, 4.5-Qt

2001-02 4.7-L, 5.0-QT

NSX: 2017 7.9-L 8.3-Qt

2001-16 5.0-L, 5.3-Qt

RDX: 2013-17 4.3-L, 4.5-Qt

2007-12 4.7-L, 5.0-Qt

RL 3.5L 2005-12 4.3-L 4.5-Qt

2001-04 4.6L, 4.9-Qt

RLX 2014-17 4.3-L, 4.5-Qt

RSX: All, ex. Kind S 4.2-L, 4.4-Qt

Type S 4.7-L, 5.0-Qt

TL: 3.2L engine 2004-14 4.3-L, 4.5-Qt

2001-03 4.4-L 4.6-Qt

TLX: 2.4L engine 2015-17 4.2 4.4

3.5L engine 4.3-L, 4.5-Qt

TSX: 2009-14 2.4L engine 4.0-L, 4.2-Qt

2004-08 4.2-L engine 4.4-Qt

2009-14 3.5L engine 4.3-L, 4.5-Qt

ZDX 4.3-L, 4.5-Qt

NOTE: This information is taken from several reputable sources, yet I am not responsible for errors or typos. If this details does not match what’s noted in her owner’s manual, follow the manual.

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