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I"m transforming my oil in mine GLI tomorrow and also was wondering exactly how quarts the oil that requires. Anyone? many thanks http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: How countless quarts that oil in the 2.0T? (gtiiiiiiii)Book and spec paper on website says 4.5 us quarts through filter change. Ns think you would certainly be safe buying 5.
just a side keep in mind to you an altering your oil... If the is your very first for the car I would make sure you have actually something that gets hella tight on the filter due to the fact that that bisnatch it is in on there tight. Keep your hammer and also screw driver prepared for once you impload the damn thing.
I read somewhere the it was prefer 6.2 quarts or something like that. Exactly me if i"m wrong somebody...
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Quote, initially posted by MKII420 »
I review somewhere that it was choose 6.2 quarts or something like that. Correct me if i"m dorn somebody...

Uhh, you"re wrong. Hand-operated says 4.5... Best means to execute it is put in four... Then check the dipstick... Continue from there until satisfied. It might take 4.4, it might take 4.7... Yet its roughly 4.5, no where near 6.

Re: How countless quarts of oil in the 2.0T? (dangrass11)
When I adjusted mine it took a tiny over 5 or therefore to peak it off. Only problems I had were transforming the filter real estate the wrong method to obtain the filter out, and also then the plug for the pan was yes, really on over there :
-Drew2006 Lotus Elise2009 370z - Stillen CAI, fast Intention CBE / LTHs, os giken LSD, Cobb AP1986 944 Turbo - T4 .50 trim
Re: How countless quarts that oil in the 2.0T? (gtiiiiiiii)
Actually, the hands-on is wrong! You would certainly think that they would have seen this in the QA department.It says 4.4 quarts or 4.6 liters. The last time I checked a liter is bigger than a quart so this is wrong. I"m assuming that the 2.5, and also 1.9TDI engines room correct due to the fact that the worths for the quarts are larger than the liters. The inquiry is are these just transposed or room the numbers fully wrong?
Re: How plenty of quarts of oil in the 2.0T? (M3toGLI)
My VW dealer marketed me new drain plug too. Us actually require a brand-new drain plug each time we readjust the oil? perhaps I acquired scamed. At least it was only $1.12.

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Yep, that would be a huge hassle. And also the folks right here would only offer your precise information.

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