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This is Subaru Outback 2006 2.5L hand-operated transmission, i am thinking of to change the fuel filter, yet It appears that the is integrated with fuel tank, not sure if the is correct. I have asked native AutoZone, they claimed no parts for fuel filter. If you have replaced her fuel filter, you re welcome share your experience. Thank you.
The filter is available from the dealer and also can be adjusted after removing the pump assembly native the fuel tank. The filter is under the yellow colored cap and be accessed by turning the cap about 1/4 turn. While your in i would replace the fuel sock and also the rubber seal in between the pump and tank.Though over there is no stated interval for the fuel filter every 30/60K would seem reasonable. As much as I know most dealers figure to wait to change the filter when the pump dies as 1 repair. Be mindful removing the pump (plastic) climate the lid (metal ~ above plastic) and be mindful to make certain the pump is flush, and also do no over talk the real estate " 3 Lb Ft " the studs break pretty easilyBTW if her pump assembly is an every plastic spring loaded unit, the filter is no serviceable.
Holy smokes I assumed they were intend to be easly come change!! I have actually an 06 through 78k. I have actually not checked into it yet. I"ve own it because that the last 14k and also the fuel filter is the only filter i havn"t got to. Perform you autumn the tank?

There"s a hatch in the top of the tank. The is under the best passenger seat. Accessibility by remove the rear seat bench.
the reduced seat must fold forward, then you lift the insulating mat there space 2 accessibility holes above the pump and transfer pump the pump you seek is on the Passenger side.
I simply did my 05. Traction up on the seat on driver and also passenger sides. It should pop up and also the entirety thing gets out of the way. Pump is located on passenger side, filter is driver side. Trap door, 4 screws come remove. Then the bolts ~ above the studs, a few hoses, and the entirety thing come up. Pop off the old filter and also replace through new, then it"s simply reverse order. Maybe an hr total.
Thanks. That doesn"t sound to poor after all. Far better then the old town & nation mini valve I had that was noted for negative fuel pumps and also you had actually to eliminate the tank to change them.

I"d choose to hear what you find in the 2006. (Photos would certainly be good!) It"s my expertise that the fuel pump assembly was readjusted between 2005 and also 2006 and also that in the newer versions there"s no separately-replaceable filter. I think SubyTechJoe was referring to this in the last line of post #2.Also, there could be differences in between the pump supplied with the 4 cylinder and also with the 6 cylinder engines. It"s not constantly "one-pump-fits-all".
Yes the pumps room different. This diagram should help. Http://

The component numbers for the pump assembly sheathe a variety of manufacturing dates. However, there"s just one filter listed, #59, which from the diagram is the pick-up "sock". This is simply a huge particle filter. Even when Subaru had actually a replaceable fuel filter placed in the engine compartment, the tank pick-up to be equipped through the "sock".
The filter is available from the dealer and also can be readjusted after removed the pump assembly native the fuel tank. The filter is under the gold colored cap and also be accessed by turning the cap around 1/4 turn. While her in i would change the fuel sock and also the rubber seal in between the pump and also tank.Though there is no proclaimed interval because that the fuel filter every 30/60K would seem reasonable. As far as I recognize most dealers number to wait to change the filter once the pump dies as 1 repair. Be mindful removing the pump (plastic) climate the cap (metal top top plastic) and also be mindful to make sure the pump is flush, and also do not over torque the housing " 3 Lb Ft " the studs rest pretty easilyBTW if your pump assembly is an all plastic spring loaded unit, the filter is not serviceable.
Thank you because that the information, sounds prefer not that basic that is what ns was expecting come hear. 2 options: 1. Go ahead to replace the filter, 2. Wait it spins pump die;
I desire to carry out mine yet it will need to wait till I obtain my deck done, which will be July. I"ll try and take it some images so I deserve to at the very least remember just how it"s suppose to look.

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I simply recently changed the fuel filter on my 06 Forester. Ns tried to uncover the finest info ns could before I began digging into it. So what I found was the the tank accessibility panel is no under the earlier seat. IT"S not UNDER THE back SEAT! There room fuel lines and electrical going come it from the gas tank. The would cause for the believed to tear the whole back seat apart! THE access PANEL IS simply BEHIND THE PASSENGER SIDE ago SEAT!!! no under yet behind! From over there it"s nice easy. I review it"s much better to let your auto sit overnight. In doing so, the push in the fuel line dissipates. I didn"t pull the fuel relay and also start your vehicle till that dies. I disconnected the battery and also went in ~ it! Wear security glasses. It might squirt a little. There will certainly be 8-10 nuts. Loosen and also wiggle the stupid thing out. Take out the whole assembly. At the bottom is a, "fuel screen" for bigger particles, followed by the fuel pump. The a quick fuel line. The line, connecting to the fuel filter. Fuel filter connects to the accessibility panel. To take it the filter of girlfriend will require tho loosen two screws. One will hold the float. The various other is come the ago of the filter. Currently pull filter down away indigenous the access panel. After ~ that"s off. Twist the plastic bottom off....... The there paper thing is the filter! every that work FOR THAT! Put new one in and rewind! after ~ that"s all closed up. Placed your car back together! an excellent luck to anyone that have the right to use my frustrating success! I"m sure that this info could be the very same with any kind of Subaru wagon.