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Could anyone of you assist me exactly how to reach the oil filter? from above or listed below the engine? do we have enough room to reach it from listed below the engine? Haynes manual says adjust oil, replace drainpipe plug, reduced the auto and change the oil filter so ns assume that means to eliminate from above? and Do I require special wrench to eliminate it.Thanks
beh just gain underneath. Your not really changing your oil un much less you get some on yah :thumbup: and yes you may need one oil filter wrench
i drive a nissan........always have actually driven a nissan and love them since they room shit box cars that just keep ~ above tankin, and also they have the right to be quick small mothers to boot. Would you prefer to know where all the OG"s went? pm and also ill tell ya

This page should assist out..... How To adjust Your Oil
haha i gain the filters that have the tight on the end, and i just unscrew them through my bare hand. Oh yeah, take her shirt off prior to you with up there, unless you favor shirts becomming rags. Every time i adjust the oil in my sentra, the oil goes every the way down mine arm. Fram provides the filters ns talking about 3682 is the number i think.
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^what the said. (GA16de) get under the auto near the passager next front tire, with up there and also bare hand the mutherphucer. Fram grip oil filter is awsome. I strip under to my tighty whiteys.
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hahahaha, i don"t go that far, but no shirt is strong recomended. And also have fun yanking the one that"s in there now it"ll it is in harder then the frams.
1997 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.6L - expect your following owner takes care of you2006 Ford emphasis ZX3 - I require to acquire into a ford forum...1981 Toyota Tercel 1.5L -

If friend buy a k&n oil filter, over there is a place on the end where you could use a 14-15mm wrench to revolve the thing. I doubt you have actually a k & n filter over there now, however if this is a repeating problem for you, you might want to try the K&N. The problem is, they run for about $10, once the nissan ones are fifty percent that or more, and also just as good.
haha i get the filter that have actually the grip on the end, and also i simply unscrew them through my ceiling hand. Oh yeah, take her shirt off before you with up there, unless you like shirts becomming rags. Every time i change the oil in mine sentra, the oil goes every the way down mine arm. Fram makes the filters ns talking around 3682 is the number i think.

The OEM filters have an anti-drainback valve the keeps oil in the filter because that startup. The is why ns have constantly used the OEM filters.
interesting i didn"t even know that...K&N makes an excellent air filters, however i"ve been weary of your oil filters "cause of the price.
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heynes is right many of the time, yet sometimes castle just offer generic instructions--like what you"re experiencing.on the 1.6L the filter is reached from the bottomon the 2.0L though, the filter is got to from the top--they might be talking about that engine cus that is in the same book.and i dont take my shirt farmer"s tan has been undamaged for 4 years, im not ruining THAT for a small oil lol. I discovered that if girlfriend lay next to the tire on the passenger side and also reach over the axel girlfriend can get at the filter without dripping oil on your arm...although i wouldn"t reccomend act that through your sunday best--the axel the dirty as well lol.(my girlfriend has a 98 sentra, i have actually a 92 se-r--i"ve worked on both engines)
Fram"s room crap. For an extra buck or whatever, gain an OEM filter from your local Nissan dealership.
Is this forum still complete of n00bs discovering that you can"t rise your everyday driver ~ above a part time retail income?
: "Fram"s room crap. For an extra buck or whatever, acquire an OEM filter indigenous your neighborhood Nissan dealership."Yep. Frams are about the $#itiest piece of $#it going. I wouldn"t put one on an old lawn mower. :thumbdwn: The OEM Nissan filter is a pretty good unit ... But I think I"d just buy castle in mass or in ~ a discount ... Speak $4 or so each.The finest filter for a Nissan ever? The ideal one I"ve checked out to date is a Wix (I"m talkin" part #1356, ns think). So fine made, it"s almost a dead to throw them the end after simply a couple of thousand miles. Oh, and NAPA yellow is the exact same as Wix.
Thanks guys. So, I require to end up being dirty that"s fine. I understand that fram filters suck because my friend Miata screwed because of the filter. Yet anyways I only drive 1000 miles every 3 months, it is why my 12 year old vehicle has 95k miles. And also I change oil and also filter every 3 months. Therefore I will be O.K i guess, i bought purolator (not sure about the spelling) filter which cases that that is much far better than the leading brand. And Tavel, you space right, ns didnt think the haynes incorporate SR20 as well. That"s a good reminder for everyone so we shouldnt expect exact instructions from that book.
Get the M208 filter from Mobil 1, it"s great stuff it runs for about $9.99, don"t it is in cheap top top oil and also filter.
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damn, the place on mine SR is so much far better than it was on my GA
i"ve never ever heard that frame filters deserve to screw the vehicle up. Ns han a stp"s gasket stick come the block that me old vehicle...but ive supplied fram filter on my sentra ever due to the fact that i to buy it, never had a problem. Nissan"s oem sounds interesting....and besides, its NISSAN! can"t bgo wrong over there
1997 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.6L - expect your following owner takes treatment of you2006 Ford emphasis ZX3 - I need to gain into a ford forum...1981 Toyota Tercel 1.5L -
This filter cartridge has a tiny outside diameter through a quite low filter aspect surface area (193 sqin), and features cardboard finish caps that space glued in place. The rubber anti-drainback valve seals the rough steel backplate to the cardboard end cap and also easily leaks, bring about dirty oil come drain earlier into the pan. If you have a noisy valve train at startup, this filter is likely the cause. The bypass valves space plastic and are sometimes not molded correctly, which allows them to leak. The backplate has actually smaller and also fewer oil inlet holes, which might restrict flow.The telltale signs for a fram Extra guard are: It has 8 tiny holes because that the oil inlet and also a thin, cheap looking backplate, and also is at this time stamped with a "2Y". There room 5 very small crimps hold the gasket in place. If friend look into the center hole all the means to the top of the filter, you will check out a kind of "button" in the finish cap that the cartridge (which looks favor it"s made of metal from there). This is the plastic bypass valve.