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Does anyone have actually the belt diagram because that a 2006 focus zx4 se?broke the belt, and also of course the engine compartment walk not have a chart anywhere.Please help


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Awesome! thank you.Now deserve to this it is in a one man job? or is it best for 2 people.I just ask reason looking at it, it shows up i have to be under the auto to use the stress and anxiety pully and also still have to pull the belt about the critical pully.

On the zetec, i beg your pardon is basically the very same thing, I always route the belt finest I can and also leave the Water Pump for last. That way it"s a 1 guy job.
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Hi iminhell - i noticed you are in Minnesota, together am I, and I"m hope you might be maybe to help me (with part insight/information). I"m replacing the serpentine belt on my 2000 focus SE (2.0L DOHC Zetec (8th VIN digit = 3) through AC) and I"m around to walk myself come the looney bin: The brand-new belt and old belt space the very same length, and also I"m pretty sure I"m following the routing chart correctly, however the belt is comes up way too long. WTF?! Notably, the tensioner has actually just been replaced; it and the belt broke a couple of days ago and stranded me. I changed the tensioner critical night in the center of the blizzard that hit the metro area. In the process, I uncovered the old belt dangling in the earlier of the engine compartment - a Dayco 5060835 - which every Dayco has a size of 83.5 inches. The brand-new Gates K060834 belt ns bought is similar in size per Gates"s Website. To dominance out misprinted digital information, ns personally measure the old belt with a ice cream measure and also compared it to the new belt and they space within an inch and also a fifty percent of being the same length. Here"s the problem that has actually me wonder if I"m in an alternating reality whereby nothing is what it seems: as soon as I reinstall the new belt follow to the routing diagram obtainable on this board, the belt has method too lot slack - like much more than 6 inch of extra belt - and clearly won"t stay on. The car was running fine before, and the old belt and new belt space virtually the same size - so i guess the problem has to it is in the routing? In terms of the pulleys, I have actually the complying with 7 pulleys (going from firewall to front bumper and also then down and around clockwise): alternator; idler; strength steering; A/C compressor; water pump; crankshaft; tensioner. As soon as I download the belt every the diagram, ns wrap the belt roughly the PS pump pulley; down roughly the AC compressor pulley, ago around the crankshaft pulley, climate forward a little bit (with the non-ribbed side) to loop approximately the smooth H2O pump pulley, then back again around the tensioner, up and also around the alternator, and also then forward under the idler (and on to the PS pump together noted). Once I perform this, I have actually this massive amount the slack in the belt. Is there an 8th pulley that damaged off that ns don"t know about (serious question)? Is the Zetec belt routing diagram not correct somehow? once routing the belt indigenous the AC compressor come the crankshaft, have to the belt be looped end the H2O pump _between these 2 pulleys_ instead of after the goes about the crankshaft? i don"t see exactly how that would take increase much extr belt length, though. I can"t watch what I"m lacking or doing wrong; carry out you have any kind of insight top top this?