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Hi, I"ve to be chasing this speedometer for quit part time. Adjusted rear ABS sensor twice, readjusted rear ABS sensor wire to the plug in ~ driver"s former wheel. Ns have changed the trans. Sensor. Had actually the van scanned and also it claimed rear abs sensor or wires were bad. Mine next move is to replace abs box on driver"s left front fender. Walk anyone one have any idea"s besides what i have around to do.:sad:
Check wiring indigenous the rear sensor for breaks and shorts.The rear sensor is the just input for vehicle speed.Two wires from the rear Wheel rate Sensor to the Antilock Brake Controller. RED-YELLOW from rear Wheel speed Sensor pin 2 come Brake Controller Connector 1-pin 1VIOLET-WHITE from behind Wheel rate Sensor pen 1 come Brake Controller Connector 1-pin 8This is a twisted-pair of wires.There is one connector, C128 in the wire path.
Hi, I gained it to work! It to be a poor inst. Cluster. I likewise found a bad wire behind >the fuel tank. Many thanks to all for the help!!!
Speedometer and also Temp guage inop.
Both this gauges room not working.What I have actually done to this point;1. Replaced the sensor top top the rear equipment housing.2. Replaced the sensor at the right rear the the trans,3. Tried 3 instrument swarm assy. All reading the same problem.4. Inspect for fault codes v INNOVA OBD2 ABS-SRS Tool. No Codes! 5. Change every relay in package under the hood. Along with every spade fuse in the truck.Now I"m Lost!Thanks come anyone supplying help...Taps
Temp Gauge: check wire indigenous Instrument cluster Connector 2 (B) pin 7 to the Temp Sensor (VIOLET/YELLOW). Also, if you have actually or can get a meter, examine the sensor. Speedometer: check the cable from the Instrument swarm Connector 2 (B) pin 11 come the PCM Connector 2 pin B27 and the vehicle Speed Sensor (WHITE/ORANGE).:thk:FYI: There are no relays connected with these 2 gauges, or no fuses dedicated to these 2 gauges. They share power and also ground v the other gauges.

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