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I have a 2007 Impala police v the 3.9 in ~ a 107k. I"m obtaining PO335 and PO101. That cranks forever come start and runs unstable at idle.I"m guessing it"s jut the cranks sensor is bad. What execute you men think? additionally where is the sucker. Ns imagine where ever it is, I"m walk to it is in cussing up a storm trying to get to it. I looked all around, even underneath and also I"m not seeing it. Is it under the harmonic balancer, or the backside the the engine against the firewall? ns tried to carry out a google search and also search here and didn"t view anything.Thanks in advance!

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Not sure if that is the exact same as the 3.5 position...but if that is a thread I started on wherein that is and also how I readjusted it.

I actually resolved it yesterday. The crank sensor is ~ above on the inside of engine, firewall side. Ns couldn"t get it from below so ns did as others said, gotten rid of the coolant tank and also alternator. I removed the top motor mounts and also ratcheted the engine as much forward as I could and went in from the top. My sensor was fine, the 3 wires to be broke, so I had to map them earlier and repair it. The was not a fun job. Yet the car is fixed and runs like new. Many thanks everyone for her help.
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Im having actually the very same issue. Walk you make a video clip or can you it is in a little much more detailed since im working on mines this weekend
P0335 Code
I have actually the same code and also issues v my 2006 Chevy Impala. Can you do a video where its located or please be a little much more detailed on whereby the specific location is, I just recently adjusted the Rack & Pinion and i dont recognize why every one of a sudden this worry is happeneing
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