KAWASAKI’S NINJA 250R continues TO PROVIDE brand-new AND knowledgeable RIDERS WITH characteristics OF A MUCH larger MOTORCYCLE

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There’s a an excellent reason why Kawasaki’s Ninja® 250R proceeds to be amongst those motorcycles in ~ the optimal of the sales charts. Actually, there are several factors why consumers flock come the sporty styling of this specific motorcycle. The Ninja 250R offers easy-handling agility, a lightweight presence, and ownership costs that do this Ninja model one come be thought about when shopping because that product in the entry-level sportbike category.


Power for the Ninja 250R originates from a high-revving, liquid-cooled, in-line twin-cylinder four-stroke engine featuring dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. It delivers smooth, predictable strength that’s perfect for brand-new motorcyclists, however its 14,000-rpm redline and also six-speed infection will lug a grin to the challenge of the most experienced sportbike rider.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Specifications

Engine Type: 4-Stroke, Liquid-Cooled, DOHC, 4 Valve Cylinder Head, Parallel TwinDisplacement: 248 ccBore & Stroke: 62.0 x 41.2 mmMaximum Torque: 18.1 lb-ft

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Features

Twin-cylinder 248cc Engine

Compact parallel-twin design is lightweight and also high revving, with a large torque curveGood fixed centralization for premium handling

Liquid Cooling

Maintains continuous engine temperatures for long engine life and also sustained powerAllows tighter engine clearances for quieter running

Four Valves per Cylinder

Provides maximum valve area for optimum circulation to an increase low end torque if providing much better breathing for much more power in ~ high rpm

High Velocity Induction Technology

Provides a smooth circulation of air to the carburetors for maximum top-endCarburetor and intake harbor diameters are sized for quick mid-range accelerator response

Silent camer Chain

Low friction coating top top chain travel guide reduces wear, increases powerRuns quietly, reliablyAutomatic cam chain tensioner maintains an exact timing there is no maintenance

Six-speed Transmission

Allows engine’s full potential to it is in usedProvides fantastic acceleration and also relaxed highway cruising

Positive Neutral Finder

A Kawasaki exclusive, just lift the pedal from very first at a protect against to uncover neutral easily

Bottom-link UNI-TRAK® behind Suspension

Lowers the facility of heaviness for far better handlingProgressive rate offers a smooth, controlled ride

Handlebar placed Choke

Convenient place makes beginning and warm-up easier

Diamond Frame

Lightweight, high-tensile stole for remarkable rigidityNo down tubes for lower engine placement and lower center of gravityGood ground and cornering clearance

Dual-Piston former Brake

balanced Actuation Caliper former disc brake for wonderful feel and long pad wear

Dual-Piston behind Disc Brake

Powerful, reliable, controllable stopping power

Centerstand and Sidestand

Permits basic parking, clean or servicing

4.8-gallon Fuel Tank

Long variety makes it good for commuting

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Like its bigger siblings, the Ninja 250R attributes an aerodynamic faring, Kawasaki’s UNI-TRAK® gradual rear suspension and also high-performance disc brakes. It additionally has a low seat height for confident stability while stopped. Various other features encompass an easy-to-read tool panel, optimistic neutral finder, centerstand and also pop-up bungee hooks.