There have been countless threads and polls worrying oil capacity in the 5.3L. I have a link to a GM Media site and was doing a small research. Friend will view in the link below, follow to this info, GM SUVs such as the Yuk and also Burb present an engine oil volume of 5.8 qts and the choose Ups show 6.0 qts. Ns realize this is practically like dividing hairs but you have read posts, including mine, that insurance claim 6.0 qts overfills the 5.3L. Top top mine, 6.0 qts puts the oil around 1/8" over the complete mark ~ above the dip stick. .2 the a qt would equate to 6.4 ozs, again not a large deal yet I to be betting this is whereby my over full concern is coming from.

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I am assuming the oil pan should be a small different between the pick up 5.3 and the SUV engine early to distinctions in the prior suspension??


Check the connect out for yourself. GM Media friend will require to click the "specifications" and scroll under to the "capacities" section.


Whether it problem to friend or not, the connect contains other an excellent info and also specs.

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, some transmission worries and also frame that flexes severly . And maybe if the basic works at it yes, really hard, they have the right to make the next model Trucks target ugly as well.


Thanks because that the information you shared below and great day to you and also your Tojo.

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Enthusiast , part transmission concerns and also frame that flexes severly . And maybe if the basic works at it really hard, they deserve to make the next design Trucks target ugly together well.


Thanks for the information you shared below and good day to you and your Tojo.


Wait a 2nd you traded her TRUCK for what???? A Toyota?? Toyota makes TRUCKS????


You sure traded up for a durable platform didn't ya? A framework that flexes choose a slinky, a engine that's so good you can hardly store a camer in'em, and also O'ya the wonder trannie, yep ya gotta wonder if it's yes, really a 6 speed.


Yea, i tell ya what if I had one the those points the very first thing I execute is walk to a GM TRUCK board tell anyone there what a POS their trucks are. Ns guess I'd have to do something like that to do myself feel better for buying together a FUNKIN' ugly canker blossom...err...I average truc....err.... What ever before the hell the thing is.

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