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Newbie ZX4 ST 2005 desires to know how to accessibility Aux audio entry on InDash music system. I found the Aux button, but are there RCA connectors behind the dash or is there a comfortable earphone 1/8 jack into the system some where? you re welcome advise
Not provided unless you buy an adapter.The adapter native PIE runs about... $90 iirc.I have actually one, it functions pretty well, pricey, yet it go what you want.

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yea the website is The adapter because that the 05,06 models is 179.95 to add shipping. That cheaper to just put in an aftermarket with an aux in.
yea the website is The adapter for the 05,06 models is 179.95 add to shipping. That cheaper to simply put in one aftermarket with an aux in.

Ford has actually their very own adapter now, because that $50. It come out because that the 06 Audiophile systems, if I"m not mistaken, aren"t the 05 and also 06 Audiophiles the same precise thing?
I have a p.i.e. Aux converter top top the method for my brand-new 2007 zx4, however I prob won"t use it... Looking to upgrade the head unit and everything. I didn"t acquire the audiophile setup, so my head unit is quite bad... Don"t understand what the rules are for this forum as far as selling stuff, however just let me understand if anyone is interested... Will market it because that $50 plus whatever shipping girlfriend want, never ever opened (still top top the way)!

I have a p.i.e. Aux converter top top the way for my new 2007 zx4, but I prob won"t use it... Spring to update the head unit and also everything. I didn"t acquire the audiophile setup, so mine head unit is nice bad... Don"t recognize what the rules space for this forum as much as marketing stuff, however just allow me recognize if anyone is interested... Will sell it for $50 plus every little thing shipping friend want, never opened (still ~ above the way)!
I"m not completely sure what the rules space entirely, but we have actually a Marketplace Forum here, that"s the best means to go.

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Thanks... It just came in today, and I set up it nice quickly. Basic install and also sounds OK. MP3 and also XM tested great... Currently let"s check out if ns can obtain used to listening to every my music ~ above the factory setup...
I mounted a PIE to my aux intake (2005 ZXW). For 2 weeks it sounded great, but now I obtain sporradic static. That doesn"t occur over FM mod, simply AUX. As soon as I reach under the dash and touch the metal frame it goes away. Is there a shielded soil or something I must connect?
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