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2005 Dodge ram 2500 QC silver 5.9L Diesel 2wd 6sp. 2000 dodge Dakota Quad Cab, intense Blue, 4.7L Automatic
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Thanks because that the info, will this sensor keep the waiting intake heater indigenous working? also have a code p0107 Manifold pure pressure/baro sensor short input showing up what the hell does that mean
The AIT sensor is situated on the intake close to the airbox. The MAP sensor is placed on the input manifold. Check the connections on both. Might likewise want to apply some dielectric grease to the connections.Also look in ~ the wire impend hanger just above the MAP sensor. The tab can be chaffing the wires.MikeyB

thanks for every the info, the main problem is this truck will not start unless the block heater has actually been plugged in and I can"t seem to acquire 12 volts at the input heater relays i have tested the relays and likewise tested the wait intake pre-heater coils all seems fine but untill ns can number out why the relays will certainly not open and also fire the wait intake heater coils I"m lost, ~ i get it cranked it will generally crank unless I allow it collection for around 4 hours unplugged in the cold , plugged in the can collection for days and also crank right up

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