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Bought deserve to of R134A from Wal-Mart? wherein iexactly s the low press port on a 2002 Durango? thanks in advance!!

from the "03 FSM:OPERATION - REFRIGERANT mechanism SERVICEPORTSThe high pressure service port is situated on the liquidline in between the condenser and also the evaporator,near the former of the engine compartment. The lowpressure organization port is located on the compressormanifold, directly over the suction port of the compressor,for 5.9L Engine. It"s top top the suction linebetween the compressor and also the evaporator for the4.7L engine.Each of the organization ports has actually a threaded plasticprotective cap installed over that from the factory. Afterservicing the refrigerant system,
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de W1PF

I painted my lid yellow to find it easily. However
rest assured friend refrigerant have the right to will not right the high push port together the two require different connectors.greg
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