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I"ve spent at the very least 2 hour trying to gain this damn thing out that the truck. I recognize it"s the an additional latch that"s causing the issue, but I can"t figure it out. I"ve read and also re-read the instructions, but can"t number out exactly how to release it.
If the spare tire does not lower to the ground, the an additional latch is involved causing the tire no to lower Your car has an underbody-mounted tire hoist assembly equipped v a secondary latch system. That is designed to prevent the spare tires from all of sudden falling off your auto if the cable hold the spare tires is damaged. Because that the an additional latch come work, the tire should be stored with the valve stem pointing up1. Examine under the auto to see if the cable is visible. If the is not visible,proceed to step 6.2. If visible, very first try come tighten the cable by turning the wheel wrench clockwise until you hear two clicks or feel it skip twice. You cannot overtighten the cable.3. Ease the cable by turning the wheel wrench counterclockwise 3 or 4 turns.4. Repeat this procedure at least two times. If the spare tire lowers to the ground, continue with step 2 of remove the spare Tire5. Revolve the wrench counterclockwise until approximately 6 inch (15 cm) the cable is exposed.6. Connect the jack handle, extension(s) and also the wheel wrench come the jack and place it under the car towards the front of the behind bumper. Place the center lift allude of the jack under the facility of the preventive tire.7. Revolve the wrench clockwise come raise the jack till it elevator the finish fitting.8. Continue raising the jack until the spare tire stops moving upward and also is organized firmly in place. The second latch has actually released and also the spare tire is balancing on the jack.9. Reduced the jack by turning the wheel wrench counterclockwise. Keep lowering the jack until the spare tires slides off the jack or is hanging by the cable.10. Disconnect the jack manage from the jack and carefully eliminate the jack. Use one hand come push against the spare while steady pulling the jack the end from under the preventive tire v the other hand

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Here"s what happens:I shed the cable and also the tires starts come drops. It drops a few inches and stops. I can keep unscrewing until the cable until it is top top floor, therefore the cable/screw works fine (isn"t frozen).The tire simply kind the hangs there, so I"ll jack up the tires to relax the second jack, yet nothing happens. It simply doesn"t? I"ll relax the jack and also it gets hung up a couple of inches down. Repeat. WTF am ns doing wrong? that shouldn"t be this f"n hard.