The serpentine belt ~ above the GM 2.2L Ecotec engine can be a an obstacle to change due to restricted space and difficulties in gaining a tool on the tensioner. In this post I will change the belt there is no a one-of-a-kind tensioner wrench. Together a tool,though, will likely greatly aid in an altering the belt ~ above this specific engine. Some extr GM models that space fitted v this engine include HHR, Malibu, Alero, grand Am, Sunfire, Saturn L collection as fine as some Opel and also Vauxhall cars. This project was excellent on a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt. This vehicle is equipped v an wait conditioner. The project at a glance
Tools: A serpentine wrench through a 3/8" square masculine end, 10mm socket or wrench, Philips screwdriver, Optional: 3/8" square keystock 2mm long, 3/8" open finish wrench, 10" crescent wrench and a piece of pipe big enough come fit over the wrench and at the very least two feet long. Additionally optional but recommended: lug wrench and also tire jack.Materials: noneParts: Serpentine belt (Gates K050400) see attach at end of post.Cost that parts: Belt $15-20Time: 30 minutes
This procedure suspect a one human being job. If over there is the deluxe of a helper, few of the procedures do not apply.

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2) Optional yet will greatly help in this job: break lug nuts on appropriate front wheel, jack the wheel up and remove. Eliminate a pair of panel fasteners and pull down on the wheel fine cover to disclose the crankshaft pulley.
3) eliminate the waiting intake assembly from the wait filter cover to the accelerator body, Unsnap from the wait filter and also loosen a clamp screw attaching the other finish to the accelerator body.
4) situate the 3/8" square hole for the serpentine stress and anxiety release tool. The is around midway between the front and ago of the tensioner.
The belt course is simple. The job less so.
The 3/8" an essential stock displays the relative position of the tensioner hole

5) ar your tool in the hole and lift upward to release tension. If doing the project by yourself, a method to host the tension off is really helpful. This is exactly how I go it, although I"m sure there are better ways. I used a 2mm piece of key stock and jammed it into a 3/8" open finish wrench with a item of slim plastic. This held the key stock in location while ns probed around for the square hole. As soon as I fit the in there, ns pulled the wrench off.
That"s a little of plastic native a milk carton jammed between the crucial stock and also the wrench
following I inserted a 10" crescent wrench ~ above the keystock. Ns pulled the wrench increase to relax tension and also slipped a 2 foot lengthy piece that pipe end the wrench and jammed it against the engine cradle frame.
The 10" crescent wrench is top top the crucial stock
Lastly, i slipped a wood wedge in in between the pipe and the structure to reach full travel ~ above the tensioner. Through a one-of-a-kind tensioner wrench just discover the hole and pull up on the lengthy handle. I would hope there would be sufficient radius to completely relieve tension. Ns haven"t make the efforts this ~ above this engine.

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Makeshift tools space in place and also tension is totally off the belt

6) remove the belt. Leaving the anxiety release tool(s) on and slip the belt out between the alternator and also ac compressor. Pull the belt turn off the air conditioning compressor first, then the alternator and also finally the crankshaft pulley. The crankshaft is less complicated with the wheel and lower wheel fine cover the end of the way. A pair of dashboard fasteners have to come off to gain the cover the end of the way.
Getting the belt off and also on the crankshaft sheave is therefore much simpler with the wheel and also cover removed

1) slip the brand-new belt end the crankshaft pulley and under the tensioner. Then ar it end the alternator. Finally, slip it end the ac compressor. Double check come make sure the belt is perfectly seated on every components