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I am reaching here but thought I would certainly ask. Have you freshly replaced the PCV valve? her truck should have a "fixed orfice style" PCV valve and also not the format with valve. The early model 5.3s had the valve style and they did permit some oil to be recirculated i beg your pardon is no what you want.

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Check that out, make sure it is a solved orfice style and also that it is totally free and clear in there.


The amt that oil girlfriend just had to add in such a short period of time sounds like too much to be valve seals. Mine 1971 may puff simply a small at start up however I never have to include any oil. It has the original seals and is 38 years old. I can't complain.


Posted march 17, 2009

You changed the seals. Having actually worn travel guide or valves is different. This was discussed in an previously post. You're burning a tiny amounts the oil if you're driving. It's just noticed as soon as you start-up ~ sitting because that a bit. I've gained a 350 that demands a valve job as result of worn guides/valves.


Is the oil useage the same, much more or less than before you changed the seals? If it's more, you may have actually not obtained them ~ above correctly



+1 on the PCV.


I'm certain you would've noticed while the covers were over, oil drain ago holes every open?


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Gm has actually the worst PCV mechanism ever.

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